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The Age of Merrik

A series of novels in the Sword Master Universe, The Age of Merrik tells the story of Merrik, the young ruler of Tyera destined for greatness.  Along his journey, he meets many of the sword masters, including the Sword Master Regina.

With the help of his allies, he may be able to defeat Malik's forces from controlling the world.

The Age of Merrik: The Anointing contains a special preview of The Age of Merrik: Rise of the New Masters.

The Age of Merrik: The Anointing


In the first novel of the series, Merrik must face the Son of Malik, the General Zsastar.  Can he come to terms with the grief in his past and accept his place as a sword master?


The Age of Merrik: Rise of the New Masters


In order to stand against Malik's new ally, Merrik must seek help from the Wizards of the North.  With the disappearance of the sword masters, they are his best allies.  But will Merrik stand aside while the woman he loves sacrifices herself?



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