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Book One: The Anointing

The world of The Age of Merrik features a wide variety of characters. The Anointing centers around Merrik and branches out to others with connections to him. The majority of characters are either from Merrik’s country, Tyera, or the neighboring country of Rikan.

Sword Masters are very important. Servants of the god Serafín, they have opposed the kings of Sethane for over five hundred years. In present day, their numbers are diminishing, however, leaving Merrik to defend his country mostly on his own.

The General Zsastar, son of King Malik of Sethane, attacked Tyera and Rikan in the battle of Shattered Sky and returned eight years later to seek vengeance on the people who fought back against him. He challenges Merrik’s authority and defeats him in battle, taking control over Tyera and enslaving the neighboring country of Rikan. The Anointing tells the story of Merrik’s battle with The General and the aid of the remaining sword masters.

Book Two: Rise of the New Masters and Beyond

The sword masters are key to the second book, Rise of the New Masters. As Merrik and his allies continue the fight against King Malik’s forces, the king’s other generals appear.

A prequel, Dark Desires, focuses on the sword masters Eleya and Zaedrif as the try to gain the advantage against the forces of Sethane.

name formatting notes:
The proper names of the Sword Masters of Nemea are Zæ
len and Zædrif. For ease of readability and the search function, the names are spelled as Zaelen and Zaedrif on this website.
For the search function, Serafin (no accent) will also search for Serafín (properly formatted name).