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Merris & Eleya

The Age of Merrik: The Anointing

Miriam of Rikan finds a strange young woman close to death. This woman, whom Miriam names Merris, has little memory of her past but becomes a great ally to both Rikan and Merrik.

Spoilers for The Anointing Below:

As Merris recovers, her memory slowly returns, realizing that she is none other than the Sword Master Regina Eleya. Anointed by the Serafín, her rule over the sword masters is absolute.

Sword Masters Eleya and Zaedrif drove General Zsastar off from Tyera and Rikan in the Battle of Shattered Sky. Years later, General Zsastar attacked Eleya. Nearly bleeding to death, she woke up in Rikan without her memory. Miriam named her Merris, as Eleya did not recall her own name. Although her memory is incomplete, she becomes an irreplaceable ally to Merrik–and soon irreplaceable in his heart.