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Sword Masters

A major group of characters within the Sword Masters Universe, including The Age of Merrik, the sword masters appear at times beyond human. Though they are like humans, they bleed and feel pain, their responsibilities go beyond even that of a normal ruler or king. Anointed by the god The Serafín, the masters have fought the kings of Sethane since the first ancient king. The Serafín appointed Anara as the first sword master over five hundred years ago.

Auspiciously born exactly five hundred years after The Serafín appointed Anara as the first sword master, the seer and sword master Skye of Rikan foretells the coming of the ruler of all sword masters. Skye forfeits her freedom to King Malik of Sethane in exchange for the life of her pupil, Zaelen. He later becomes the Sword Master of Nemea, and father of its next sword master, Zaedrif. The young prince and Zaelen’s other child, Zibiah, become central to much of the The Age of Merrik.

Sword masters Eleya and Zaedrif battle King Malik’s forces. In the battle of Shattered Sky, which appears in the prologue of The Anointing, they battle King Malik’s son, General Zsastar, the aftermath of which leads to Zsastar’s conquest against Merrik in the present day.

The sword masters have nearly passed into legend, as fewer remain to battle the forces of Sethane. Together with Merrik, Sword Master Eleya fights General Zsastar once more.