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Q & A

General Questions:

Where can I buy your book?

The Age of Merrik: The Anointing is currently available on IUniverse and some online bookstores.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

From reading science fiction and fantasy books and watching science fiction and fantasy television shows and movies.

Were any of the characters based on other scifi or fantasy characters?

Some were inspired by other characters. Duncan Idaho from Frank Herbert’s Dune was a great inspiration for Merrik, particularly the Hayt-Idaho and God Emperor of Dune Idaho.

Will there be other stories in The Age of Merrik series?

Yes. The next book is The Age of Merrik: Rise of the New Masters. A preview of this book is included in The Age of Merrik: The Anointing.

Spinoffs and Other Stories:

Dark Desires:

What is this one about?

Taking place between the prologue and chapter one of The Anointing, this is the story of the Sword Masters Eleya and Zaedrif and a dangerous quest for an advantage over the forces of Sethane.


Post The Anointing (Spoilers):

What happens to Brianna?

She has begun to pay for her betrayal through her own shame. I have not planned to have her in Rise of the New Masters, but she may appear.

Is there a real Lianis?

Lianis in The Anointing wasn’t real enough? (Just kidding.) Yes, more information on this character will be revealed in future novels.

Rise of the New Masters (Spoilers):

Do Merrik and Eleya get married?

Whether they get married or are just engaged–you’ll have to read the book.

Is Zsastar (The General) in this one?

Yes, but he is not the only antagonist. Be prepared for King Malik, his generals, and a surprising new enemy.