Abusive Speech in the Name of Religion

This is a recovered blog post. The original date of the blog post is estimated.

Contains spoilers and a spoiler reference to Chronicles of Narnia

First, a little background. I had previously posted information about Rise of the New Masters. I have taken it down, as I thought it contained too much of a spoiler. Among other commentary, it referenced a character that was resurrected from the dead.

So, it’s official. On a previous post I had written regarding The Rise of the New Masters plot, I received some comments via Facebook from this particular male. Throughout use of very ABUSIVE (foul language, etc.) speech, he implied I was a Satanist of something similar as it referred to a certain character being resurrected from the dead. I’m just saying this much, and I’ll refrain at this time from including more information. I don’t want to expose you readers to unnecessary further abusive speech.

This is a work of fiction. Exactly how does a person in real life get resurrected from the dead? Okay, technically someone may be “dead” and revived at the hospital, but I am talking about someone being very much dead. Not just died and modern medicine brings them back.

This person only accomplished portraying his religion in the light that NO ONE who was considering either adopting a religion or changing religion would wish to join.

I can respect people with religious views. In fact for those who want to belive in godS <– That’s right, I referred to PLURAL, I can respect them as well. Why point that out? Guess what? Lots of hatred there just for saying godS with an “S”. I WILL NOT RESPECT people who push hatred whether or not they do this in the name of religious views.

I’d Like to Point Out:

Speaking of religion and fiction, remember The Chronicles of Narnia? (SPOILERS)

I read it as SUSAN GOES TO HELL because she grew up and now wears pantyhose. And etc. Feel free to read it yourself if you want. I don’t recommend it. There are a lot of opinions on the Internet about Narnia and sexism and racism. SUSAN GOES TO HELL says enough for me. Epic fail.


Yes, I did get one. I didn’t consider it sincere, considering the usual actions of this person and subsequent postings. It seemed prompted by my point of “this does not portray your religion in a positive – or even neutral light – and surely nobody would like to convert to your religion (if looking) considering your attitude and (very) abusive speech.” The abuse speech was apologized for, but only because it did not give a good name to that religion.

By the way, don’t ever bother apologizing to me when you [insert anyone’s name here] don’t mean it. I’m not a clueless person who cannot tell you don’t mean it.