Execution (Short Story) (RATED MATURE)

A Short Story by Eugena
M/R for mature content and violence

Written on or before Mayr 13, 2009
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In the State of Anywhere, rape of a minor is an offense punishable by death.

They knew once they had him, they could never have another.  He would require all their time.  Perhaps it was their fault.  They were too old when they had him, so here he is.  His many brothers and sisters, his mother and father, took him in.  They coddled and gave him his way.  Nothing was a “no” to him.  He was special, and special people should live by different rules.  It did not matter if he thought they sky was grey, aliens lived on the moon, or that a dog looked better without its tail.  It was Johnny’s way, always Johnny’s way.

Johnny lived and lived without a care.  Johnny Doe was the coolest, he made sure everyone knew.  Johnny always got Johnny’s way.

Johnny strolled down the street, looking from left to right, seeing the people he’d meet.  He saw a girl sucking on a lollypop, giggling to herself, in her own world.

“She looks nice,” he thought, wondering what fun things they’d do together.  Momma wasn’t home today.  So, he took her and dragged her off, telling her what video games and toys they would have to play with.  She didn’t want to play, but after pushing her a bit, he had his way.  It was Johnny’s world, Johnny’s way.

She would have screamed, but he hit her.  He didn’t seem to notice she was bleeding.  He thought she’d look better in some clean clothes, so he decided to change her.  Maybe he’d change, too.  She looked better without them, he decided.

The next day, his parents came home, his dad having been in overnight surgery.  They would soon return to the hospital.  Police were everywhere.

There sat Johnny, in handcuffs, talking about the grey sky.  The coroner wheeled out the draped body next to him.  He never thought about the girl being fifteen years younger than him.  He told them how she turned grey like the sky.   She had been so loud, but he quieted her.

Under the same grey sky, Johnny sat trial.  For his “fun” enough, the sentence could be passed.  Yet over her still body, there was no hesitation for the jurors.

Johnny thought about the grey sky, thought about how good the girl was naked, thought about her silence.  Maybe now she was with the aliens on the moon.  Perhaps he would be, too.

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