Merrik of Tyera

From my former webzine:

Merrik is the male protagonist of The Age of Merrik. His biological parents are currently unknown, but he was raised by the married rulers of Tyera and Rikan along with their daughter, Elisha.

Merrik’s home life shattered when Zsastar, Son of Malik, and his army attacked Rikan during Shattered Sky. He had enslaved the minds of many Tyeran men, and they turned against their leader, Merrik’s father. Many more people, including Merrik, may have died in the battle, but the sword masters Eleya and Zædrif intervened and defeated Zsastar. Merrik’s father died in the battle, and his mother, Her Ladyship of Rikan, became horribly disfigured.

Eight years after Shattered Sky, Merrik must once again battle Zsastar for the freedom of the peoples of Tyera and Rikan. If he can face the pain of his past, he may become the next sword master.

Merrik’s father’s name (Lord of Tyera) was later revealed to be Matthias.