It’s That Time Again

It’s December and that means exams. Thankfully, this might be my last December of exams ever. What a milestone.

I’m sure a couple of you readers out there are wondering, “Where have you been?” I’ve been pretty much antisocial the last month, diving into the books even more than usual and finishing up a writing assignment. It’s at this point I could be jealous of well-established writers that don’t even have to write to make money and can take whatever time they want to turn our their books. I could be but I’m not.

I’m still working on various writing projects, but they are taking a big backseat to everything else in my life. I do work on scenes here and there, and I am coming up with a very awesome finale to Shinigami #1.

Expect to see more in about 2 weeks when I may or may not move the blog to my own server. My new host for the auxiliary sites seems to be reliable – aside from that wiki hack. Spam bots are pretty tough now. But I think I’ve found some lock out methods for mediawiki.