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July 2021

By Eugena On July 24th, 2021

Close friends may find it a bit odd that I seemed to have nothing to say on the condo collapse tragedy in Miami, Florida, a city near and dear to me. I lived there once – though not near that specific area. No, family, friends, strangers, it was not that I had nothing to say. I don’t really post on Facebook. Sometimes, I feel like a post would seem so hollow. At least I can’t really express the depths of my emotion on this with a single post. Perhaps others can. I am very saddened by those who lost loved ones, in this incident, and other events of late. It is never easy to say goodbye. Perhaps even harder in such strange situations.

Though it is easy to say and harder to do, cherish those memories with the lost ones and remember the good times. Think of how enriched your life has been with those people in it. Even the smallest impact can make the greatest difference. I hope others close to those who have lost loved ones will continue to be a source of support for them.

A relative and I recently lost a good friend. I won’t go into any detail out of respect for that person’s family – after all, who wants your precious loved one to necessarily be the subject of a blog posts, regardless of the exact situation? (No, nothing strange. I don’t want to give out someone’s personal details in general.) The person will be missed. There will be moments of day-to-day life suddenly changed by the absence. But I will remember the good times. I hope that person’s family will as well and that family will somehow find peace.

As to why I did not update sooner: 1) Blogs migrating to new site and 2) In case I would get that unwanted attention, I didn’t want that to detract from the more important focus.

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