Killing Off Characters (SPOILERS) (Mature Content)

The following post contains major spoilers for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing. It contains references to what may be classified as violence. This is mature content which may not be suitable for young readers.


Yes, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but eventually many characters must die. The plot must go on.

No, I’m not going to say who dies, it is too much of a spoiler.

This reminds me of a not-so-favorable change I chose to make for The Anointing. Originally, when Zsastar presents himself with Liana “Eleya”, I had Oroco insult her and Liana tell Zsastar she wanted to end the insults to her honor. Zsastar gives her a dagger, and much to everyone’s surprise, Liana kills herself. Yes, she commits suicide. This is her honorable way out. Her atonement. After Liana is dead and the “Eleya” turns into Liana, Zsastar demands answers. But I figured not many people have an open view to suicide, at least not “western” people.

I also wrote a version wherein Eleya, using mastery powers, prevents Liana from plunging the dagger into herself. Then I decided, “Let Merrik handle this one.” He is, after all, the title character.

The first version of The Anointing had the final battle solely between Zsastar and the character I later changed to Eleya. I ended up compromising, having Merrik fight Zsastar in body, but have Eleya fight him in spirit.

Tag team battle!

I have a special place in my heart for Liana. After being disappointed by not leaving in the dramatic suicide, I decided, “Hey, she gets to repent or try until she succeeds killing herself.” Yeah, Liana has a lot of guilt. Mostly due to her self-appointed sense of responsibility for a secret of her past.

Did you know? The original title of The Age of Merrik: The Anointing was Crystal Destiny. This was the first version of the novel.

Why did I say “may” be considered violent?

Is suicide always objectionable? Some cultures have a more open or thought-out view of it than those of us in America or otherwise “the west”. Various religions may count this as a transgression against their gods (YES, THAT WAS “GOD‘S'” AS IN PLURAL) or other divine purposes, orders, and beings. This is not true for everyone. HOWEVER, A MINOR MOST CERTAINLY CANNOT AND PERSONS WITH CERTAIN INCAPACITIES OR ILLNESS MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE A THOUGHT-OUT DECISION ON THIS ISSUE.

A Side Note:

Some time after this post, in reference to Rise of the New Masters preview:


(* Referring to an actual event – other readers, you read this correctly, YES, he DID throw this abusive speech my way)

If you are offended that history records more than one religion, you have that right. It does not make you correct. It is a FACT that various cultures throughout various times have had different religions, some of which were 1 god, some 2 gods, some more than 2 gods. Some had humans acending to divinity, some did not.