King Malik’s Generals (SPOILERS) (Mature Content)

Track Malik’s Generals using the labels listed on this post.


1 – Female – desires Malik in every sense of the word hey, some character has to

2 – Male – as bad as #1 in the lecherous sense. They are both whores and worse so. #1 enslaves males. #2 is even worse in this sense as he rapes many women. Well, he is a bad guy and no matter how much they repent, no rapist will ever be a good guy.

3 – Male – whereabouts unknown – possibly killed by sword masters

4 – Zsastar – male – Son of Malik

5 – (previous general deceased, Malik seeking replacement)

6 – Male – general sent to different continent

7 – Male – the new antagonist of Rise of the New Masters

I already know their names, but I don’t like to give out too much in advance. Zsastar is the current fourth general, “fourth general” (tag general 4) refers to may reference the previous fourth general.