Memory Road


Among the many things I’m thankful for is that I FINALLY found a whole section of files about the first version of AOM–including a short I wrote as a holiday special “Underneath the Mistletoe.”

My old computer had completely crashed. Some horrid virus/worm fried my hardware. I still had all by backup files and TODAY I have located the first version files. I had most of them already, but I was missing a critical one–Crystal Destiny 2.

Quick Explanation on Versions:

  • Crystal Destiny: Version One. Female protagonist is Zira. Focus is on Zira the Queen and not sword masters or Serafin- Ending: Zira defeats Zsastar.
  • Transition-Birth of the Sword Masters: Version Two. More than one sword master has importance. Zaedrif from V1 is no more, but I kept the name. Instead of being (V1) Zira and Zsastar’s adopted son, Zaedrif slightly older than Eleya and is a love interest. Ending: Merrik defeats Zsastar.
  • Serafin and Masters (published version): Third and final version. More on the Serafin is revealed. Zaedrif has a deeper relationship with Eleya, add angst because of Oroco. Ending: BOTH Merrik and Eleya defeat Zsastar–but you have to read it to see how it happens.

AOM screenplay version is based on Birth of the Sword Masters.