Mirrors: Brianna and Liana

What’s next with Brianna?

I haven’t really decided what to do with her. In the previous version, I knew how she would show up again, but now, I am considering other ideas.

I had Brianna and Liana as reflections of each other. They were essentially the same, just on different sides of the battle. One difference . . .

Who is worse, Liana or Brianna?

Up until the last reader I asked, males said Liana, females said Brianna. The last guy I asked said Brianna. I agree, maybe for different reasons than him.

Essentially, both wanted power. Both methods of desire were wrong, crooked, but consider their reasons: Liana wanted power to help her people (she ultimately betrayed them) and for her side quest, whereas Briana wanted power solely for herself. She was selfish, whereas Liana in a twisted way wanted to help her people.

Probably some women resent Brianna for betraying Merrik. I don’t resent her at all for that. I despise her selfish desires.

What to do with Brianna? I’m more interested in Liana and Lianis at the moment, so Brianna, if anything, will be downgraded to very minor character in Rise of the New Masters.

Side Quest Note: Liana blames the Sword Masters for something personal.  King Malik has been killing them off, so few remain to take her vengeance on. She also resents them due to their historical position in Rikan and wydrism. She wants to destroy the Sword Masters from the history books of Rikan.

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