Ode to Donzago (Mature Content)


Amazing what you find when you are a writer looking through a few old files on your computer.

I just came across the beginning of a 16th Century drama/obligatory romance story I had been writing which was probably one of my earliest works to have some comedy. Between the two star characters, I think I like Donzago the best, who is having a really hard time accepting the fact that his wife whom he abandoned (now his ex-wife, please start to understand that, Donzago) has turned to prostitution out of desperation. Does he really feel bad about it? No, not if you count the first words out of his mouth, pure jealousy that anyone else has slept with his wife (no, it’s ex-wife, Donzago).

I think Donzago will be spending this story trying to make up for his utter stupidity and selfishness. But first he has to get: 1) she’s his ex- and 2) he should actually CARE about her, not be jealous.

It has a pretty funny beginning. I may just work on it sometime.