Picking Up the Web Dust (Mature Content)

ood morning loyal fans and readers.

Another end to a long week approaches.  I’ve done a little more planning on some writing projects and revisited my romance book.  Yes, yes, you all out there know how much I hate them.  But, surely a romance novel that I write will be much better than those awful ones I read last weekend.  I have the perfect title for it, but I don’t feel like sharing.  Keeping it under wraps for now.

Meanwhile, this HIDEOUS piece of software known as Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition is really giving me some problems.  No, make that a lot of problems.  I don’t think it can handle dual install with prior (and better) Office Suites.  I am serious thinking about taking it off, but have no idea if I can put it back on in case I actually find a need for it.

Yep, not really seeing a need right now.

Sometimes I just want to scream, “Microsoft, keep your crap off my computer!”  I know I have their OS, but I don’t think that means I need to get flooded with the rest of their stuff.

Please, no Apple fanboy comments.  Apple just isn’t in my budget.  PCs are in my price range.