Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

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No.  Nothing is ever always better than something else.  Usually for those of you who read a book and enjoy it then it is a disappointment to see the movie or television adaptation.  It will never be similar enough (some exceptions).

As a writer, technically, I could write anything any way I want.  Novels are generally written as they come to me and I edit them.  Structure per se is not a necessity.

Movies, however, are an entirely different story.  The majority of American scripts are written in a particular formula or structure. There are certain variations and sometimes trend changes.  To a certain degree, I have started planning my novels in the same structure as a screenplay, at least for its backbone.

An example in action: Number of Characters

The Age of Merrik: The Anointing has a very large cast.  I will be cutting down on that cast in Rise of the New Masters but will probably be expanding it in Dark Desires since it focuses on the sword masters. When I wrote the screenplay adaptation of The Age of Merrik: The Anointing, however, I reduced the number of characters and turned The Four and Miriam into two characters.

Movies and novels are generally different.  They usually can be both appreciated.  Fans may not like a book’s adaptation.  I think the Stardust movie is much more enjoyable than the book.

Progress on Megami Pandora and Shinigami Story

I’ve been doing some work on fleshing out the characters in this story.  I will be focusing on these two stories and my “Phoenix” story this summer.

Happy Memorial Day.  Have a Safe One.

Thank you to our brave Americans and their families and the troops of our Allies.

New Publication: Never Take “Yes” For An Answer

My alternative dispute resolution paper, Never Take “Yes” For An Answer: Negotiating With the Japanese will be published in the upcoming International Law Journal of the Appalachian School of Law.  It is a new publication so I do not have many details at the moment.

Announcing Megami Pandora

Love this title. It’s completely inspired by my fav Japanese band, AAA’s song “That’s Right.”

I first picked it for a BBC Sherlock crossover fanfic I considered writing, and now I will be putting it on my previously unnamed Science Fiction story.

Although I always want to say “Persona” afterwards since “Megami” is in the title of the “Shin Megami Tensei” series.

Megami is Japanese for Goddess.