Never Take “Yes” For An Answer: Negotiating With the Japanese (Chosen for Publication)

This is a paper on Alternative Dispute Resolution. This was chosen to be published in the first volume of the International Law Journal of the Appalachian School of Law. However, the journal did not go forward. It is available for publication.


Woosh! #76: The Use of Character Relationships on TV, Woosh! 76, March/April 2003, **

Woosh! #77: Mythology In Perspective: The Ties That Bind And The Curse Of Atreus, Whoosh! 77, May 2003, **

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The Age of Merrik: The Anointing

Published 2007, IUniverse, Fantasy/Teens

The forbidden secret of history is now his only hope.

After his father’s death, Merrik, warrior and heir to the throne, brought stability to the war-torn kingdom of Tyera. But his fiancée brings about its destruction in her alliance with The General, the sworn enemy of the legendary sword masters and of the ancient Serafín. The General challenges Merrik’s authority and defeats him in battle, taking control over Tyera and enslaving the neighboring country of Rikan.

Merrik tries to regain his place as leader to rescue his people and the people of Rikan from The General’s iron grasp. In a desperate bid to save the country, his supporters find a mysterious woman, Merris, who becomes Merrik’s closest ally against The General. Aided by visions and warnings from the Serafín, Merrik and Merris must defeat The General before he can create his own super being to rule the world. Will Merrik be ready to accept the power of the ancient Serafín and become a sword master himself?

A Modern Medieval (Picture Perfect)

Elfwood’s Woodworks (ezine) (April 2003)

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A humorous tale in a script like format.

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