Updates: March 2022

I hope you all are staying safe out there and connected with your friends and family.

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Hi Everyone.

I’ve updated the entire site with new layouts. The main sites are my blog (this site), The Age of Merrik’s Official Website, and the new home of my combined Fanfiction Collective and Reviews. The Age of Merrik’s Website is up to date featuring new Q & A and character bios.

I have lost some blog posts due to host changes but have been able to restore some content. I have posted them under the original date, when possible, though not all dates are accurate. Content is still being restored for this blog and my fanworks and reviews site.

I expect less problems with the sites now that I have moved them all to this domain which is being hosted by the great Area 51 Services. They have been one of my first webhosting providers under an earlier name and one I can rely on. If you decide to use them as a webhost, please mention I recommended them. I would like them to know that (I am not getting a referral fee).

I have pulled content off some outside websites. I don’t think the plain comment system included in blogs work well for filtering content. I had problems with another comment system and don’t like they handle the login system since I last used them. They might be better now; I have not checked.

I have disabled comments site-wide for the time being. Any enabled areas are available in error. There are several reasons for that. Most importantly, it is due to harassment (and etc.) I have received. On a WordPress dot com hosted site, I received some very strange comments that I guess were supposed to be a threat? [“I know where you live.”] I’m not really sure what that person was getting at, but that kind of conduct will not be tolerated.

Then as some of you who particularly personally know me, I have been receiving unwanted attention from certain person(s) and via other persons enabling them for quite some time. In fact, at this rate I would imagine almost any visitor here can soon figure this out. So, once again I have turned the comments off. Bad enough I have to deal with emails, calls, texts, social messaging, etc. I AT LEAST would like to keep it OFF my websites. Frankly, at this time, I wonder how long it might be until one of those persons or their enablers are looking at this post. I have banned you all (that this applies to) from my websites, and I will continue to ban you from any social networking, other outside websites, etc. Stop already. Really, how many times must I say this? And you, enablers, be ashamed of yourself.

So enough of those people wasting my time. And by extension, wasting my readers’ and fans’ time. I expected this sort of thing had I gotten the role of Battle Angel Alita from many years ago or something similar, but I’m not even a well-known actor at this time to receive this kind of attention.

Here’s my PSA to everyone. Though I don’t say everything here is appropriate for a minor, I will say this next thing is: Don’t put up with the kind of attention I have gotten. Sometimes “putting the foot down” and “leave me alone” is not enough. Sometimes other actions as well as repeated public warnings generalized for those people (who surely know who they are) are not enough.

I’m getting back to my writing and my other projects. I will have more info posted online. I will have any public comments of harassment, etc. nature or any comments whatsoever from “those persons” deleted. “Those persons” will not continue to bother me or to hinder my visitors, fans, and readers.

Everything going on right now has been tough for everyone. Yes, that’s generalizing it a lot. I hope all of you are well with family and friends. Remember that family is not only people you are genetically related to. In fact, some of those people are not family at all. You decide your own family and friends, and whoever they are, I hope you are able to still be in contact with them and share your life with them.

I invite you all* to connect with me over email or social media. I am not on social media a lot but will generally get back to you via email.

Stay safe and don’t give up hope. As I write in Megami Pandora, though Pandora unleashed the ailments of humanity by defying the gods, in her jar HOPE REMAINED.

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