Websites Redesigned and Online

Hello Readers and Fans!

The blog has now returned as most of the entries have been imported. Some dates are estimated from the recovered original posts.

Most pages here are up and some, including the guide and scrolls section, are to be updated.

The Age of Merrik’s Official Website:

The Age of Merrik’s Official Website was already redesigned, so go visit the site to experience the new layout. New content is included, including Q & A. You will also see some related Q & A here.

Fanfiction Collective & Reviews:

My Fanfiction Collective has returned to a new location, now renamed and located on this domain. Check it out. The pages are up, and entries will be added as the stories get reformatted.

I first decided to add Musings Reviews to the Collective in a combo, but the fansite structure is so large that I might give it its own directory. I will update later.

Enjoy the redesign.

Thanks again for visiting my websites and supporting my projects!

~ Eugena