Writing Updates

Hello out there readers.  I’ve taken an extended hiatus to updating my writing progress outside of facebook due to many other pressing matters.  As some of you may know, I don’t speak much on personal plans over the Internet.

This year I entered the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 50th Anniversary writing contest.

MAJOR Star Trek Spoiler Below

My story focused on The Original Series, post the movies dealing with the “death” of Kirk.  Yes, as any fans know, that death was not straightforward.  (Spoilers!)  I will be awaiting the results of the contest, which should be out at the end of this month.  The publication should be out later this year.

I’m excited for my intended future for The Age of Merrik series.  Book 2, Rise of the New Masters, is already over 64,000 words, necessitating it being split in half.  Yet no worries about an annoying cliffhanger.  I don’t believe in just stopping at a chapter, cutting it off mid-story.  There is an “ending” for this book, though it will move right along into Book 3, Title TBA.  I wrote the ending for what is now Book 3 first and have written the ending for Rise of the New Masters and am writing along towards that ending. There are quite a few plot twists coming up, some showing up in this book, some in the next.

I’ve also worked quite a bit on the plot and direction of my title TBA (working title “Phoenix“) fantasy novel over the Nanowrimo 2015.