Lethe’s Saga

Welcome to Lethe’s Saga.

I wrote “Phoenix Rising” first then followed up with the myth based POV piece “Consequence” as a prequel.

On a previous FFN posting, a reader left me review on “Phoenix Rising” complaining that I was trying to show everyone how much more I knew than them (about mythology). Why in the world did that person do that? I presume it was because s/he was angry I was accurate as to the myth perspective. Why be like that? Why be so angry – jealous perhaps – of the story? It’s really such a waste of energy.

Is “Lethe’s Saga” myth accurate? “Consequence” more so. “Phoenix Rising” is with changes made to fit the Xena backstory.

So, enjoy. And reader, if you feel angry and jealous of me, that’s your issue.

#1: Consequence
After Xena killed off the gods, Persephone mourns. She find she is not alone.

#2: Phoenix Rising
After Xena killed some of the gods, she receives the wrath of a survivor from the Underworld. Ares alone can help her. Focuses on the family ties within historical Greek Mythology and not necessarily as portrayed in the show. After Motherhood, AU

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