Lethe’s Saga I:
By Eugena

Written on or Before 10/01/2006

Rated: T

After Xena killed off gods, Persephone mourns.
She finds she is not alone.  (Myth perspective)

Written in POV


The dark cries of the Underworld surround me as I float into oblivion. Strangely, the cries of Tartarus do not assault, but cries of my companions – my companions of this dreary realm.

It was an eternity ago – wait – that could not be because I would be entreating time to eternity. However, I have a vague concept of time but cannot recall a calendar date. After all, time never mattered to me; it was only a sequence of events.

It seems my thoughts flow onto tangents too often – I was never gifted with the ability of concentration.

Well, it was some time ago that the maiden of this region came to me, her heart broken over her lord’s slaying. Her tears competed fiercely with my own volume. My echoes cried out to her in memories past. Though these thoughts were not her own, she allowed them to fill her ears.

I entreated her to my still waters, pleading to wash her sorrows away. She leaned over one of my banks – as those do before the Asphodel – yet she paused before she allowed her lips to touch my surface.

I was intrigued. Would she allow the memory of her husband to live on, despite her anguish? She tipped her body over a bit; I knew my thoughts had been too good to be true.

My vast waters encompassed the Pale Bride of Death, quickly becoming lost in her many final thoughts. There was an emotion there all too foreign to myself: rage for vengeance. Vengeance? Oh yes, that is right, it has been quiet around here. So many ones of those with positions here are . . .gone. It doesn’t seem right. The entirety of The Underworld has been thrown awry. Someone must right it. Persephone, can you hear my thoughts or are your thoughts my own?

Yes, I am alone. Although I may touch the backs of, perhaps, another river, I am the one given thought. I will become the Messenger of Death; I will destroy the Uprooter of the Underworld.

“Persephone,” I cry, “lend me your form. Yours is the only body in my river. Let me use it to gain access to the Upper World. Let me fulfill your rage!”

Strange as it had happened, the Queen opened her eyes one last time to no direction in particular. My essence already surrounded her. I had become her.

To be avenged in “Phoenix Rising”


Author’s Notes:

This POV short ties into Phoenix Rising.  While Phoenix Rising does incorporate Xena characters, this piece itself incorporates mythological characters and not actually Xena characters.  This piece is written for entertainment purposes and because I am a fan of mythology.

Mythology belongs to humanity as a whole.  Actual Xena characters, backstories, etc. Belong to Renaissance Pictures and appropriate applicable others.  I do not claim any rights to the Xena world.

I did, however, found the Ares and Xena Have a “Thing” Webring, which I hope helped many people enjoy the Xena fandom even more.


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