Leaving You Behind

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Written on or before 11/26/2007

Leaving You Behind
By Eugena

Rated: T

Short Anatoly musing piece is in the universe of the AFOA 2003 Concert.


They cut my keys and let me in the West. The chains of the Soviets are left behind. I do not see my wife in my mind or my two young children. I never wanted that wife, those children. She could have had them with someone else. All I wanted was Chess. Now I am the World Champion.

I’ve made Florence’s dream come true. She will work with the best in chess. I find myself falling in love, real love without chains. Nothing will harm us. This can be forever.


Author’s Notes (April 2022):
I love Chess.  It’s one of my favorite musicals.  One of its songs is in my vocal repertoire.

FFN: Thanks to user “M” for letting me know FFN now has Chess in its own category.  It’s been a while since I logged in.