3: To Move On

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
After DiamondDust
By Eugena

Chapter Three: To Move On



After deciding on Zaraki, Shirahime knew she would not turn back.  She remembered the wonderful times she had spent with Zaraki during his past life as Kenny.  He had been her safety net, and her only source of happiness.

She had met many others who protected her on her journey becoming a shinigami.  Ai Zangetsu, her first true love; Kail Zangetsu, the remains of the younger Prince of Heaven; and finally Toshiro Hitsugaya, the incarnation of the Element God Hyorinmaru himself.  There were many, but only the ones she found closest in her heart came to mind first.

She returned to Zaraki to find Kotetsu Fukutaicho attending to him.

“How was Hinamori Fukutaicho?” Kotetsu asked.

“She is improving,” Shirahime answered.  “Will you please excuse us?”

“Of course,” Kotetsu said and bowed and left.

Shirahime waited several minutes before saying anything.  Strange that this time around she would ask him to marry her.

“What’s up, Sam?” Kenny asked, calling her by her human name as he often did, reminding her of the Kenny he was before.

She smiled at him, unsure of what to make of his question.  Was she simply remembering the Kenny of the past, or was it the Kenny before her which had spoken?  When she turned around, she saw Kenpachi Zaraki, bells in his hair, sans eye patch.  But it did not stop the sense of familiarity that washed over her.

“It’s really you, Kenpachi.”

“You haven’t called me that in a long time.”

“Well, I had gotten so used to calling you ‘Kenny’ and remembering the days before.  But I think I am really ready to move on.  It’s time I really accept you as Kenpachi.”

“Sam, it doesn’t change my feelings for you.”

“It doesn’t change mine.  I love you.  I always have.  I never stopped loving you.  Even with Kail inside me, I could not deny you.”

Kenpachi wanted to get out of the bed, but a restrictive kido from Kotetsu Fukutaicho stopped him.

“Kenny, Kenpachi Zaraki, will you marry me?”

Kenny could not believe his ears, just as in the past life he was astonished she had said yes.  “I want nothing more than to be with you and Yachiru.”

Tears streamed down her face.  Perhaps now she would be freed from the curse of the past life and find happiness.  She rushed to embrace him.

Something inside of her lay broken.  As if now, part of her past life would never be seen again.



Rangiku Matsumoto found Yachiru helping Hanataro with the patients.  Yachiru had just put one patient down—gently—as she saw Rangiku.  “Rangi!”  Her habit for nicknaming people had not changed.

“It’s unusual to see the eleventh division cooperating with the fourth division,” Rangiku mused aloud.

“Mom asked me to do it,” said Yachiru proudly, loving the fact Mom had asked her to do something.

Rangiku smiled at that, secretly wishing she had a child.  “Where is your mom—Thorne Taicho?” she corrected herself.

“Visiting Kenny.”

“Oh.”  Of course, it made sense.  She had rather have heard “recovering,” not visiting someone.  Visiting Kenpachi Zaraki, the same man Rangiku had gotten closer to during the time Shirahime Thorne was believed to be dead.  Kenpachi and Toshiro had become loose brothers-in-arms over their common affection for Thorne Taicho.  What would Hitsugaya Taicho do now that she was back and possibly in the arms of another?

“Rangiku?” Yachiru asked, suddenly serious.  “Momma is back.  Why does that make you so sad?”

“I’m just—happy for someone else.”

Rangiku had good reason to be happy for someone else, and to mourn for Hitsugaya.  He was indeed late, too late for Shirahime this time.  He arrived in the fourth division not too long after Matsumoto.



Yoruichi Shihoin knelt by Ichigo Kurosaki, some of his wounds still bleeding.  She gave him a sly smile.  “You’re hard to kill, kiddo.”

“Kiddo?  I’m not a kid,” he protested.

“Well,” said Rukia standing over him, “I am much older than you.”

“Oh, shut up, brat,” he shot back, placing the cold pack back on his left eye.  The fourth division had been so bogged down with the many injuries that some injuries were allowed to heal on their own.  He could take the pain.

“Still too young for my Shirahime,” Yoruichi teased.

“Ha!” laughed Soi Fon Taicho, looking up from the papers her lieutenant had given her.  “As if my sister, beloved daughter of the great Yoruichi Shihoin would give even a moment to you, substitute.”

Rukia wanted to tease him but felt a slight twinge of jealousy instead.  “He has it rough, taicho.  It isn’t easy being a reincarnation of a prince.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he tried to get them off his case.  He could see Zangetsu and Kail in his mind.  “But what about my beloved Shirahime?  Will she be okay?”

Yoruichi forced his head back a little and looked directly into his eyes.  “Are you sure you’re okay yourself?”

“What?” he asked.  “Why the sudden change, Yoruichi?”

“You called her your ‘beloved’ Shirahime.”

“That’s her name.  Shirahime.  My beloved Shirayukihime.”

Wack.  Rukia hit him in the jaw.  “What the hell’s gotten into you, Ichigo?”

Ichigo shook his head, trying to get back to his senses.  “Sorry,” he said, “I guess I’m not used to having Kail back in my body.  Maybe I should give him back.”  A rush of emotion filled him, elation from Kail.

“Absolutely not, Kurosaki,” objected Soi Fon.  “It’s hard enough to keep men from my sister.  How do you expect me to draw out a ghost?”  She put her papers down on a nearby desk.  “Yoruichi, isn’t it about time to see her?”

“Are you asking my permission, Soi Fon?  You could have gone already.”


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