WIP: S05-1: Bend or Break

Bleach: Across the Dimensions

Key of Gods:
Bend or Break
By Eugena

Sosuke Aizen has nearly completed the key that will let him in the Royal Realm. He doesn’t know there is still one who stands in his way.

Pairings: Kail/Shirahime, Kenpachi/Shirahime, Toshiro/Shirahime, Yumichika/Shirahime

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Chapter List:

  1. Desperation Requires a Sacrifice (& Cast Notes)
  2. You Know Me
  3. Memory of a Treasure
  4. Face Your Own Truth
  5. Show the Truth
  6. A Matter of Moments

Opening ThemeEnding Theme
Jué Ài (訣愛) by Faye最後一次 (One Last Time) by OSN

Chapter(s)Originally Written On or Before
1 – 68/28/2022

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