Readers’ Favorites

Favorite (Romantic) ‘Ship: Toshiro and Shirahime

Toshiro/Shirahime stories are the top Bleach: Cross stories featured in FFN communities.

Top Shiro/Shirahime Stories:

  • Shiro Shattered (FFN)
  • That “Talk” Again (AO3)
  • Soul of Shirahime (M & MA) (AO3)

Favorite Other (Romantic) ‘Ship: Kisuke & Yoruichi

White Princess Rebirth (FFN)

At AO3:

  • Soul of Shirahime (M & MA)
  • That “Talk” Again
  • White Princess Rebirth
  • Valentine’s Day Off

Most Read on AO3 and FFN

White Princess Rebirth

Most Kudos on AO3

Soul of Shirahime (MA Version)

Most Reviewed on FFN

Fifth Division in the Red (M rating only) & Soul of Shirahime (M rating only)