6: Eleven Plans

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Written on 7/31/2022
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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
By Eugena

Chapter Six: Eleven Plans



Since the moment Ikkaku heard about Rangiku’s Valentines idea, he knew there would be trouble.  Fun, but trouble.  Taicho wasn’t going to mind.  He and Yachiru made plans already to celebrate the holiday.  Ikkaku could once again envy the woman who spent many nights with his taicho.

Ikkaku Madarame sat down to join Tatsuya Hidaka and Shinjiro Kita, sixth and seventh seats of the eleventh division.  The two whispered to each other, a sure sign they were talking about Yachiru’s mother.

“Finally got your appetite back?” Ikkaku asked Shinjiro.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, just wondering if you finally let go, that’s all.  She’s not here anymore.”

“She’s not dead,” Shinjiro objected.  “She’s just next door.  And we all know she should really still be here.”

“Yeah,” Tatsuya agreed.  Nobody in the eleventh division believed Toshiro Hitsugaya actually beat their taicho.

“Taicho let him win,” Ikkaku said.  Not that it was a big reveal.  They all knew it.

Toshiro Hitsugaya decided he wanted Shirahime to join his division.  She was the fourth seat of the eleventh division and Hitsugaya had no third seat.  He wanted her to be his third seat.  In fact he probably wanted her in more than one way, but this was how he planned to get closer to her.

Most shinigami of Soul Society, having no idea who Shirahime really was and not actually believing she was Yachiru’s mother, thought it was absurd that the young genius Hitsugaya Taicho went so far out of his way to have the woman in his division.  Everyone was shocked that he actually beat Zaraki Taicho in a fight.  Of course, some knew that really was not what happened.  Zaraki would do a lot to keep Yachiru happy.  A little tie of a battle ensured him Shirahime would be in good hands and that Hitsugaya would finally leave him alone.

“I know taicho’s happy Hitsugaya won’t be hanging around here practically all the time,” Shinjiro said.  “Though I know Hitsugaya gets annoyed when she comes home at night.   I wonder how he’s been able to convince her to stay over there now?”

“Come on, Shinjiro,” Tatsuya said.  “You know it’s because Yumi is over there.”

“Actually he’s been chasing him off,” Ikkaku said.

“I guess we should give Hitsugaya a break,” Tatsuya said.  “After all, Yumi is the only one he could chase away.  Hitsugaya’s got no chance with taicho.”

“True,” Ikkaku admitted.  “But there is a problem.”

“She’s been sleeping too much,” Shinjiro said.

“You know already?”

“Yumi told us,” Tatsuya explained.  “We’ve got to make sure nobody figures out who she really is.  Best thing we can do is make her less suspicious.”

“Taicho already helped us out sending her over to the tenth,” Shinjiro admitted.  “After all, we are way too close to that crazy taicho next door.  If anyone will be finding out something, I bet it is him.  If he finds out she’s really Urahara’s daughter, he’ll either back off in fear or do even worse than he tried before.”

“Which is why Yumi thinks Rangiku’s idea is great,” Ikkaku said.  “I mean he thinks it is great anyway, but it does give us all a chance to dispels some rumors.”

“Which ones?” Shinjiro asked.

“We’ll have to see how many we have to deal with.  Yumi’s on it.”

“Is that really a good idea?” Tatsuya asked.  “For him to do it?  Most people think he likes men, and they would not believe he’s together with her.  Then of course, there is taicho’s reputation.  What would happen to it if others knew?”

“They already think he’s weak for having her,” Ikkaku admitted.  “They think it’s all to please Yachiru after all.”

“Well, taicho already killed those in our division who said that,” Shinjiro said.  “Well, Yumi got to some of them first.”

“We won’t have to worry about people finding out about Yumi,” Ikkaku said.  “He’s going around with hime-sama’s mother.  Everyone else will think he just likes decorating and parties.  And pampering a princess because she’s a princess.”

Shinjiro cleared his throat.  “People just think that’s part of her name.  Or they go along with it because Yachiru is our princess.”

“Well, if we’re going to pull this off, we are going to have to blend in.  We’ll need dates.”  Ikkaku looked at the two.

“Don’t look at me like that, Ikkaku,” Tatsuya objected.  “I don’t like you or any man that way.”

Ikkaku rolled his eyes.  “Yumi’s going to be too busy.”

“With hime-sama to be together with you,” Tatsuya added.  “Like permanently.”

“Ever heard of ‘take one for the team’?”

“That really depends on what you mean.”

“Oh, come on you two,” Shiniro interrupted.  “There are no women over here, so we’ll just have to flirt our way around the party.  If we choose some tenth division ones, we’ll have plenty of excuse to be around hime-sama.  We all know you don’t like admitting your preferences, Ikkaku.”

Shinjiro looked to Tatsuya.  “Rangiku likes to flirt.  Maybe we should both go after her.  I’m sure she’ll play along.”

“Unless Ikkaku here is jealous, again,” Tatsuya said.

“I am not -,” Ikkaku began.

“Relax,” Shinjiro said.  “It’s Valentines.  You can tell anyone you want that you like them.  Doesn’t mean you’ll get them, but who knows?  Maybe some Valentines magic can happen.”

“Just don’t hold your breath for Yumichika,” Tatsuya added.


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