3: Gifts and Worth

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
By Eugena

Chapter Three: Gifts and Worth



Lying on his bed, Kenpachi looked up at the silver necklace he held between his fingers.  He watched the sunlight gleam off the chain and the light reflected into his eye.  With his other hand, he removed the patch he traditionally wore over his other eye.  He wanted to see the necklace with both eyes.

His spiritual pressure spiked as he removed the patch.  Third seat Madarame knocked on his door.

“It’s alright,” he said quickly.  “Just testing something.”

“Yes, sir.”

Not that he was lying.  He was testing something—his memory.  Outside of the Court of Pure Souls, he had gone shopping with Yachiru.  Very unusual for him, but he would humor anything for her.  They looked at many items, and none interested him.  Yachiru kept saying that he needed to find the perfect gift for Sam.  He still called her that, even though now she took the name Shirahime.  After all, they had just been reunited after being apart so long—an entire lifetime for him.  But what to get for her?

Jewelry was often worn as a sign of family status.  It rarely held some of the same significance here like it did in the human world.

But something in this necklace connected with him.  It reminded him of his other life.  The old woman who had made the necklace recognized him as a shinigami and had said her own grandson had left to become one.  She had named the necklace the Jewel of Winter, saying that it reminded her of her beloved Toshiro.  Of course, she already knew that he had made taicho and was among the many that protected the common souls of Soul Society.

Yachiru had insisted on trying the necklace on.  The silver lotus flower looked good on her, but the chain was too long.  She didn’t mind; she knew this gift would not be for her anyway.  In the center of the flower, a small stone shined.  It was the color of a diamond, but Kenpachi knew it was a more common stone.

“Kenny!” Yachiru burst through his door, bouncing once on the bed.

Kenny sat up.  “What brings you here, Yachiru?”

Yachiru put on a long, disappointed face.  “Come on, Kenny, you know that.  Today’s the day.  Today’s Valentine’s.  You have to have your gift ready.”

“Do you have one?”

“Yeah, but you have to give yours first.”

“Okay.”  Kenny put Yachiru down on the floor.  “Here, Yachiru.  Make sure I don’t lose this.”  He handed the necklace to her.

“You got it, Kenny.”

She jumped up and down, watching the stone’s light reflect in the room.



It wasn’t often that Renji Abarai bothered himself with affairs of the world of the living.  However, he couldn’t help but overhear Matsumoto’s plans for a Soul Society Valentines.  He knew it had to be hard for her; after all, she had been in love with Ichimaru, and any holiday centered around love had to be difficult.  Usually, the higher-ranking reapers shunned such holidays, saying that their position immunized them to such weak emotional needs.  Although, none of that was true.  It had really been to prevent relationships between taichos and their subordinates.  Yet love itself could never be denied, even if it was hidden.

For instance, Shunsui and Nanao were certainly denying their love for one another.

When did Renji start to notice things like that?

Since Rukia Kuchiki joined the Kuchiki clan.

It became so clear to him now.  Now that Rukia had found someone else and openly showed her feelings for him.

Well, at least I’ll let someone else have a nice Valentines.

Although many would not join in the celebration, it would not matter.  Renji knew Rangiku had held this event for the new third seat of the tenth division, the great bard Thorne.  Even now Renji saw tell-tale tensions between Hitsugaya and Zaraki over her.  But why?  Like many high-ranking shinigami, Renji knew that Thorne was at least part human.  He hadn’t yet realized she was all human.

Perhaps it would be nice if he visited the Valentines guest of honor.



Hitsugaya returned to a state of normal consciousness.  Once again, he looked upon Shirahime’s sleeping form.  A blush crept into his cheeks—so strange to watch her sleep.

Unfortunately, they were not alone.  Kail, the hollow form of Ichigo, rose from Shirahime’s body.  He lifted his zanpakuto and pointed it at Hitsugaya.

“You’d better not get any ideas.  She’s my woman.”

Hitsugaya steeled his gaze.  “Get in line.”

Kail laughed.  “Now this is funny.  Who do you think owns her?  My brother, your substitute shinigami?  He’s no longer a prince.  Kenpachi?  His life as her fiancé is over.  Am I missing anyone?”

“Zangetsu—and me.  I won’t let someone claim her as property.”

“Oh?” he laughed again.  “I see.  You’re taking Zangetsu’s place.  This time around you’re the forbidden lover.”

“You’re wrong.  I want her freedom.”

“Oh?” he hissed.  “So, it is true.  You’re in love with Matsumoto!”

“No, damn it!”  He began to increase his spiritual energy, preparing to summon Hyorinmaru.

“Element God Hyorinmaru, decide which one of us is worthy!” Kail shouted the challenge.  He sat down in front of Shirahime.  “If you summon him to hurt me, what do you think will happen to my one?  Do you think I will let you?  Touch her, and I’ll destroy you.”  He laughed again and faded back into Shirahime’s body.


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