2: Paths Crossing

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
By Eugena

Chapter Two: Paths Crossing



Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki walked hand-in-hand past the shops of Karakura Town.  They had not talked to each other the entire time.  They simply enjoyed each other’s company after being apart so long.  Not even the snow distracted their thoughts from each other.

“Ichigo?”  Rukia placed her other hand on top of his.  “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Ichigo ran his free hand through his hair, as if brushing off a thought of doubt.  “Yeah, Rukia.”  He stayed silent a few moments.  “I just feel bad for Zangetsu.”

“It wasn’t too long ago that he returned to you.”

Zangetsu and Ichigo’s Hollow form—Kail—had been reunited with their first love, Shirahime, who was once the Heaven’s Princess a long time ago.  For now, Kail remained inside Shirahime, allowing her to survive in both human and soul form in Soul Society.  She had asked Zangetsu to return to Ichigo after she felt Ichigo’s pain of being separated from him.  His zanpakuto was part of his soul, and he could not do without it.  True, Kail was part of his zanpakuto as well, but some strange power allowed Ichigo to exist without Kail.

“I feel his pain,” Ichigo said.  He touched his lips, remembering the last time Sam had kissed Zangetsu.  He felt the kiss as if she had kissed Ichigo himself.  “It’s been so long.  Finally reunited with the woman he loved.”

“Ichigo, it’s not your fault.  Shirahime wanted him to return to you.”

“Yeah,” he said with a sigh.  “But will she really be okay in Soul Society?  She’s still human.”

Rukia looked up and smiled up at him.  “Hitsugaya Taicho took her in.  A little strange for him, but she couldn’t be in better hands.  He’s an honorable taicho.  I’m sure he’ll protect her.”

Ichigo stopped his walk and Rukia stopped with him.

“Rukia, do you think the past will always repeat itself?”

Rukia looked into his eyes, seeing for once in a long time Kaien.  “No, Ichigo.  I think it is good to know about the past, because we can change the future.  You could say that I met you once before.  But I promise you, this life is a lot different than the life before.”

“I hope so.  Because I—I . . . .”

“What, Ichigo?”

“I can feel love for Shirahime.  I don’t think it’s Zagetsu’s but it’s from Kail.  He was once my twin brother.”

“Twins are very connected, Ichigo,” Rukia said.  “You can feel each other’s emotions.  You were once married to her.  It was your duty to protect her.  And that, Ichigo, is something that will never change from the previous life.  Give her some time in Soul Society, then go to visit her.”

“Right, Rukia.”



Hitsugaya allowed himself to go inside of his mind.  Here he visited Hyorinmaru.  Now was another time he would need the Element God’s wisdom.



“Why so sad, Toshiro?” Hyorinmaru asked.

Hitsugaya kneeled before Hyorinmaru, frustration racking his body.  “Must the past always repeat itself?”

“It is far too soon for that conclusion.  If you truly want to protect her, you must rid yourself of your own barriers.  You must no longer doubt yourself.  You must embrace your true self and let go of that secret.  Until you do that, you will not be able to protect her.”



Yachiru woke and watched the cherry blossom petals fall.  As she leaned out her window, she inhaled deeply and sighed.  Yes, today would be the day.  It had to be close to the actual day in the human world.  Today in the human world was a day for people to tell the ones they cared about that they loved them.  Yes!  Today she would convince Kenny to do something.  Maybe he didn’t remember his life in the human world with Shirahime—whom Yachiru called mom—but surely his feelings wouldn’t have passed away.

Yachiru reached out a hand to grab one of the petals.  She caught it and jumped up and down.  “Yes, yes!  Kenny’s going to say that he loves mom!”  I’ll have a whole family now.  I’ve had Kenny, and now I’ve met mom.

She flipped in midair and landed on her feet.  Holding her hand out with a ‘thumbs up’ she was very excited about her plan.  She would get Kenny to confess his love for mom.


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