4: Rewriting History

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Opening Theme: Toki Ni Ai Wa by Masami Okui
Ending Theme: Sen no Yoru wo Koete by Aqua Timez


Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
By Eugena

Chapter Four: Rewriting History


Ling (English)
(Zhan Shen – Mars)
I walk out of my zero degree space and everything finally falls apart
Even if it is tiring to be in love, I won’t regret it
I put down all my defense and don’t care about anything
I run away from the dark world and start a new tomorrow
A new tomorrow



Snow fell onto the sideways building.  This had once been the battleground between Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo—Kail—but no more.  Now it was a place where Kail could meet Shirahime face-to-face, and they could have their own battles.

Kail held out his right hand, catching a snowflake in it.  He looked at it and then crushed it in his fist.

“Stupid little reaper!” he shouted.  “Thinking he has the right to my one.  Not even Ichigo can touch her, and he thinks he can!”

“Kail,” Shirahime called from behind him.

He turned around to her, the anger still apparent in his face as he faced her.  Sam stood before him in a dress shimmering like a snowfall.  The White Zangetsu zanpakuto was strapped to her shoulder, the only element out of place of her princess look.

“Isn’t it time I woke up?  If I don’t soon, Sou Taicho may order tests on me.  We can’t expect fourth and tenth divisions to hide you much longer.”

“No,” he answered sharply.  “No.  I’m keeping you to myself, princess.  You aren’t strong enough without me, not after you told Zangetsu to leave.”

“Ai Zangetsu—.”

Kail scoffed at her name for Zangetsu.

“—left because I asked it of him.  Yet what of you, Kail Zangetsu?  You wouldn’t leave even if I fought you for it.”

“You’re right,” he said walking up to her.  “Because I love you enough to ignore your requests.”  He grabbed her right hand with his—the same hand he used to crush the snowflake.  He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.  “Let’s dance, princess.”  He took her hand in his and placed her other hand around his waist.  He began to hum a dance tune from the past life.

“I know this song,” she said.

“You should know it.  This was the dance we should have had long ago.  This was the song they played when you became engaged to Ichigo.”

She tried to stop, but he continued the dance, pulling her around with him on the sideways building.  Although his hollow appearance had rarely bothered her, she became frightened as he changed before her.  His bone white face changed to flesh, the same with his hands and the other parts of his body.  He looked more and more as he did in the past life.

“Kail . . . .”

“Shh,” he said against her ear.  “Let us rewrite history together.  There is no royal mandate here, no parents who sold you to slavery.  There is just you and I.  The whole world could burn, and we would still remain.”


Author’s Note:
Yes, grammatically, Kail should have said “you and me,” but:
1) This is dialogue.  Characters are not always grammatically correct.
2) I love Chess (Musical).  “You and I” is one of the songs.  In a way, it fits them


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