5: To Stand Before You

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
By Eugena

Chapter Five: To Stand Before You



Toshiro felt ice melt beneath his skin.  He was fuming.  His anger became more than just a flame.  In that moment he felt more like Rangiku, a shinigami with fire and not ice powers.  The hollow Kail had him pinned in a trap he could not escape.

For now, she must sleep.  For now, Kail had to remain in her body.  For now, Toshiro could only watch.  For now, Zaraki had a better chance than he had.

Toshiro could not let go of his secret, something that shamed him.  If only –.

But didn’t he understand?

Sam – in this moment he also called Thorne by her first name.  At times, Sam looked so different in Soul Society than in the human world.  Or it was his own eyes that changed her appearance for him?  In the human world, she appeared older than now.  She often seemed so much more youthful here.

And that was the trap.

He had heard her turn down any thoughts of being romantic with Ichigo because he was too young.  Who she had said that to he did not know.  Perhaps she was talking to herself, a sure indication she had really been speaking to Zangetsu or Kail.  Not everyone knew of their existence.

Regardless of his actual age, Toshiro appeared younger than Ichigo.

If Sam had not been human, perhaps dating a shinigami appearing Ichigo’s age would not have been so repulsive to her.

He fought away thoughts of an older looking self getting closer to her.  He imagined having the moments Kenpachi Zaraki had with her.

Toshiro stared at Sam, lost in thought.  Would she entertain the thought of Ichigo when he turned 18?

Would she ever entertain the thought of Toshiro?



Rangiku Matsumoto always looked out for her taicho.  Sure, he was very talented, but he wasn’t educated in all aspects of life.

She knew the day would come when he would finally be interested in someone.  So many thought it would be Momo Hinamori, the girl he grew up with, the fukutaicho who was attacked by her treacherous taicho.  She had not woke up yet, but Rangiku believed she would.

“What would you think of her, Momo-chan?” she asked aloud.  “Would you like her?”

“Shiro’s in love.  Can you believe it?  He’s growing up.  Are you jealous?”

She could have said this actually to Momo, but she didn’t want tongues to wag.  When Momo woke up, she’d tell her this all over again.  Maybe Toshiro would even be married by then.

She jumped up and down.  She never had kids in this life, but maybe this is what “mother of the groom” felt like.


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