1: The Unraveling

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Opening Theme: Toki Ni Ai Wa by Masami Okui
Ending Theme: Sen no Yoru wo Koete by Aqua Timez

Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions

By Eugena

Rated: T

Chapter One: The Unraveling



Ichigo Kurosaki, 15, substitute shinigami.  Until recently, I was the only human shinigami.

Rukia Kuchiki, the shinigami that gave me her powers, has been living in my closet and trying to live a human life.  She gave me a book called Kail the Knight and as it turns out, that’s changed my life more than I could have imagined.  But there’s more to that story, I’ll save it for another time.

Sam Hawthorne, author of that book, had been transported into Soul Society by none other than Zangetsu—the incarnation of my zanpakuto.  As it turns out, she was in love with him in a past life but married me.  She was once the Snow Princess of the Heavens, Shirayukihime no Tenjou.  Now she’s taken up her old familiar name, Shirahime, the one she once let her friends call her and what I once called her.  Now she’s the third seat of the tenth division under Toshiro Hitsugaya Taicho and Rangiku Matsumoto Fukutaicho.  But I doubt I’m her only love this time.  After all, I’m sure my hollow, Kail, will cause trouble.



“Sleeping as usual?” Hitsugaya asked Matsumoto as he looked over at Thorne.

“It can’t be helped, taicho,” Matsumoto said, brushing back a lock of her hair.  “She is still human.  Time passes much faster in her world than ours.”

Hitsugaya looked away from them both.  “I know.”  His tone was low, almost remorseful.  “I wish I could restore her back to herself.”

“It won’t be possible, taicho.”  Matsumoto made a fist and brought it down to the desk.  She stopped herself short of slamming it and making too much noise.  “Not right,” she said.  “Will we always be prisoners of the past?”

Hitsugaya looked up, a slight blush on his cheek.  Ever since meeting Shirahime, he had found out a past life he had shared with Matsumoto.  It was a past life he regretted, one he never wanted to repeat.  He would never be weak again.  He will protect both Matsumoto and Shirahime.

“Rangiku,” he said in a soft voice.

“T-taicho?” her voice broke, so unaccustomed to hearing him use her given name.

“I swear to you, and to her, that the past won’t be repeated anymore.”

Matsumoto looked away from him.  The pain of memories threatened her eyes to tears.  “Taicho, the best thing would be to give her happy memories.  Erase the pain with new memories.”

“For both of us.  All of us.”

Matsumoto nodded and left.  She could take on the taicho’s duties for today.  They both needed their own sort of closure.  She had the Gin of her heart to battle for the day and Hitsugaya had to grow up a little before he could take on his problem.



This work is a transformative fanwork, written for entertainment purposes only and not for profit.  Canon characters and backstories are copyright to Tite Kubo and applicable others. Original characters and original backstories are created by Eugena.  The backstories of several canon characters and some canon elements have been significantly modified for the purposes of this fanwork.  These modified characters and modified elements should not be taken as canon from the original Bleach and may not necessarily reflect Bleach’s copyright holder’s original intentions.  Works rated M or MA are not intended to be read by minors.

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The author hopes this work will help readers further enjoy the original Bleach.


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