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Bleach: Cross Backgrounds may differ from Bleach canon.

Thorne, Shirahime: A human shinigami who is the reincarnation of Shirayukihime no Tenjou.  This past self was the mother of Yachiru’ Kusajishi’s previous incarnation.  Once the fourth seat of the eleventh division, she is now the third seat of the tenth division.  Sometimes referred to by her human first name, Sam.

Ayasegawa, Yumichika: Eleventh division’s fifth seat who is Shirahime’s second lover.  He knows about Shirahime’s previous incarnation and Kail.

Kurosaki, Ichigo: A substitute shinigami who received shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki.  In a relationship with Rukia.  His previous incarnation, Crown Prince Ichigo, was married to Shirayukihime no Tenjou and was the father of Yachiru’s previous incarnation.

Kail (Hollow Ichigo): Ichigo’s hollow side who is the reincarnation of the past Ichigo’s twin brother, Prince Kail.  The prince was in love with Shirayukihime no Tenjou.

Kita, Shinjiro: Eleventh division’s seventh seat who likes Shirahime.  He knows about Shirahime’s previous incarnation and Kail.

Kusajishi, Yachiru: The present incarnation of Shirayukihime no Tenjou’s daughter.  She considers Kenpachi Zaraki her father and Shirahime her mother.

Hidaka, Tatsuya: Eleventh division’s sixth seat.  He knows about Shirahime’s previous incarnation and Kail.

Hitsugaya, Toshiro: Tenth division taicho who cares for Shirahime.  He is determined to ensure her present incarnation leads a happy life.  Despite appearance, he is an adult.

Madarame, Ikkaku: Eleventh division’s third seat.  He knows about Shirahime’s previous incarnation and Kail.

Matsumoto, Rangiku: Tenth division fukutaicho.  Wants to help Toshiro protect Shirahime from having her tragic past repeated.

Zaraki, Kenpachi: Eleventh division taicho and father of Yachiru.  Reincarnation of Shirahime’s human fiancé and now her lover.



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Welcome to Bleach: Cross: BlushA lot has happened since Another Shinigami Part 1: White Princess Rebirth (currently posted earliest work in the timeline).  Shirahime has accepted her place as a shinigami, found her reincarnated daughter, Yachiru, and her reincarnated human fiancé, Kenpachi Zaraki.  Kenpachi appointed her fourth seat of the eleventh division and helped train her (besides having Kail).  Toshiro Hitsugaya fought Kenpachi and managed to win, allowing Shirahime to become third seat of the tenth division (later, her sister asks why she just went along with this).


Snow White Princess of the Heavens

This is not an accurate Japanese translation, but this is the translation for purposes of Bleach: Cross.


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