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Bleach: Cross Backgrounds – May differ from Bleach canon.

Thorne (Shihoin), Shirahime: A human shinigami who is the reincarnation of Shirayukihime no Tenjou.  Now the fifth division taicho, she was once engaged to the human previous incarnation of Kenpachi Zaraki.  Mother via Shirayukihime’s incarnation to Yachiru’s previous incarnation.  Adopted Daichi Takeya as her son who is now the third seat of the fifth division.  Shirahime asked Kenpachi to marry her (Story: After DiamondDust), but she called off their engagement after being kidnapped by zero division.  Though not always mentioned, several members of the royal family, including her, are considered gods.

Ayasegawa, Yumichika: Eleventh division’s fifth seat who was Shirahime’s lover until she asked Zaraki to marry her.  Zaraki knew about and supported this relationship.  Most people do not know about this relationship and presume he only likes men.  Note: Most of this background comes from stories rated MA.

Hanako, Yuri: Member of the twelfth division who is interested in Byakuya Kuchiki.  She usually works with Ryo Yoshida.

Hitsugaya, Toshiro: Tenth division taicho who is in love with Shirahime.  He Kenpachi’s rival.  Despite appearance, he is an adult.

Kita, Shinjiro: Fifth division’s fifth seat and previously the eleventh division’s seventh seat.  He took charge of the fifth division after Shirahime’s death and believed she would be incarnated again.  Head of the alpha subunit and, while taicho is away, in charge of her defensive barrier against the royal realm.  He has been interested in Shirahime since they were both members of the eleventh division.  He is loyal to Shirahime and is her closest friend in the fifth division.

Kurotsuchi, Mayuri: Twelfth division taicho who insists his division always refer to Shirahime as Shinnouhi.

Kusajishi, Yachiru: The present incarnation of Shirayukihime no Tenjou’s daughter.  She considers Kenpachi Zaraki her father and Shirahime her mother.

Tanaka, Kaori: An unseated fifth division member.  Member the alpha subunit.

Takeya, Daichi Thorne: Shirahime’s adopted son.  He is now the third seat of the fifth division.

Yoshida, Ryo: Member of the twelfth division.  He usually works with Yuri Hanako.

Zaraki, Kenpachi: Eleventh division taicho, father of Yachiru, and Shirahime’s lover.  He is the reincarnation of Shirahime Thorne’s human fiancé.  Shirahime asked him to marry her (Story: After DiamondDust), but she called off their engagement after being kidnapped by zero division.  He is Toshiro’s rival.

Shinnouhi Royal Guard: Shirahime’s guard while in the Royal Realm.  In order of highest to lowest rank: Senna, Sierra, Mitsuhiro, Lin, Miyako, Jiang, and Zan.  Mitsuhiro and Zan are the only men in the guard.




* Story Reference: References the story, Princess of Memory, which includes some events from a Bleach: Cross universe version of Memories of Nobody.

Mayuri: Mayuri is a bit different in this chapter.  I added some additional lines to my original version.  These lines reference the stories set before and during the DiamondDust movie (not posted yet).



Fifth Division:

After Shirahime became taicho, she ran her division as she wanted, not caring for tradition.  Among other changes, she created three subdivisions – alpha, delta, and theta.  Each had different specialties.  Alpha is the main subdivision in charge of enforcing the barrier Shirahime constructed to prevent intruders from the royal realm coming into Soul Society.  They are unable to create the barrier itself but can reinforce the one Shirahime made.

Daichi’s Father:

Will this be revealed in this story?

I am a god:

Shirahime is not joking.  She is.  This is mentioned in some other stories.  She did not (fully) become a god in this life until she faced Aizen when she was the third seat of the tenth division.



I recently read that Japan changed its age of consent for marriage a few years ago.  This story does not take place in the present (2022 at the moment).  For purposes of this story, during the year this story takes place, people in Japan can get married without parental consent at age 20. With parental consent, they may get married at 18.  This is just for purposes of this story and not any reflection or commentary on actual laws.

In case someone did not catch it, nobody is happy Ichigo ever calls himself the father of Shirahime’s children. This reincarnation identity crisis has been an issue since White Princess Rebirth’s final chapter, but clearly shows up in The Reincarnation.



The princess decided to join the contest.

The princess takes a break for family matters in:
Red Gemini

The contest continues in:
Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division
(Thanks to Yamamoto in Chapter 18 for this subtitle.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all continue to enjoy my stories.


Red Gemini:

Before Momo and the others can go through with their quest to find Shirahime a new spouse, Shirahime must find a way to separate her two youngest children.  She takes a risky gamble that introduces a surprise contestant.

Not a spoof.


Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division:

The spoof returns.  For my readers who want to skip ahead to the contest.

After the events of Red Gemini, Momo resumes her dating show preparations.  As the undecided divisions join in, a second princess joins in the contest.  Surely, this means that the fifth division’s money troubles should be solved twice as fast, right?

Contains major spoilers for planned events in Red Gemini.


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