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Another Shinigami Part 2
The Reincarnation

Bleach: Cross Backgrounds – May differ from Bleach canon.

Samantha “Sam” Hawthorne: An American fiction writer who is a reincarnation of Princess Shirahime (Shirayukihime Shinnouhi).  Her life was full of sorrow until she was attacked by hollows and rescued by Kail (Hollow Ichigo) and Zangetsu.  By her will, Zangetsu returned to Ichigo.  She is learning more about her past life as she learns the new world of Soul Society.

Shirayukihime no Tenjou: “Snow White Princess of the Heavens” (A/N: not accurate Japanese translation) Sam’s first incarnation.  She loved Zangetsu but remained faithful to her husband Crown Prince Ichigo.  Her shortened title was Shirayukihime Shinnouhi.  Her informal name was Shirahime.  Her husband called her Shira.  Her parents were the past incarnations of Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin.

Kurosaki, Ichigo: A substitute shinigami who was crippled after Zangetsu and his hollow self left him.  When Zangetsu returned, he gained memories of a prior life.

Crown Prince Ichigo: Ichigo’s past self.  Husband of Shirayukihime Shinnounhi, whom he called Shira.

Kail (Hollow Ichigo): Ichigo’s hollow side who is the reincarnation of the past Ichigo’s twin brother.

Prince Kail: Kail’s/Hollow Ichigo’s past self.  Younger twin brother of Crown Prince Ichigo.  In love with Shirahime.

Rukia Kuchiki: In the present, she is the shinigami who gave Ichigo her power.  In the past life, she was a servant who was the crown prince’s lover.


Author’s Notes:

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back to Bleach: Across the Dimensions.

My latest Bleach: Cross entries have been later on in the timeline.  Now I’m getting back to the Another Shinigami arc which sets up quite a few things.  (Slight spoilers for later stories below.)

This story is the first one (chronologically) to feature MA vs M Ratings.  I start with the MA version then adapt it for M rating.

Ichigo: Past vs Current Life:
Plot wise, this is the first time Ichigo (Kurosaki) clearly starts having issues dealing with his past self’s feelings for Shirahime vs his current self’s feelings for Shirahime.  In White Princess Rebirth’s final chapter, his past self appears to state his feelings and intentions, and this is NOT his current self.

Opening and Ending Songs:
This is the first (chronological) story in the series to not feature Japanese songs.  I’m a big fan of AAA and try to fit them in, but sometimes I just go for other languages.  EXO group songs appear later, and I prefer the Mandarin version over the Korean version.  This story features songs by OT12 members Lay and Tao (Z.Tao).  [Lay might be a former member now if his contract is up, but as of the date of this story, I don’t know.]


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