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Bleach: Cross Backgrounds may differ from Bleach canon.

IN AMERICA: (original characters)

Samantha Hawthorne:

The American author of “Kail the Knight,” a fantasy novel.  Though she uses her full name for her books, she goes by Sam Hawthorne.  She is a former copy editor.  Her employer laid her off to farm the job over to foreign countries*.

She is now attending teaching classes to become a teacher.  She has many opinions on the problems in American education system, including the attitude of “100% Inclusion,” meaning no child gets a separate class under any circumstances, even though some of them would greatly benefit from having a separate class.

She received a watch from a fan of her novel, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Professor Mitchell: A self-worshiping woman who does not like anyone who challenges her, particularly Sam.


Rukia Kuchiki: A shinigami of Soul Society.  Affiliation: thirteenth division.  She gave her powers to Ichigo that turned him into a substitute soul reaper.  She later regained her powers.  Unofficially in a relationship with Ichigo Kurosaki.

Ichigo Kurosaki: A human teenager in Japan who became a substitute shinigami.  Unofficially in a relationship with Rukia Kuchiki.  Rukia gave him a copy of “Kail the Knight,” which he really enjoyed.  He sent a butterfly watch as a gift to Sam Hawthorne.  At this time, he does not personally know her.

Isshin Kurosaki: Ichigo’s father and a man with a secret.  Kon may be in on this secret.

 * AUTHOR’S NOTE (2009): This is an actual problem in America (and perhaps elsewhere).



Hello Readers!

I originally planned this part of Bleach: Cross as part of my “Another Shinigami” arc.  Since I hadn’t updated this in a very long time, I divided this into two parts, and changed this to “Another Shinigami Part 1: White Princess Rebirth.”  The title can literally be instead “Shirahime’s Rebirth,” since “White Princess” is the translation of “Shirahime.”  This is also the title of chapter 15, the last of the original chapters.  Chapters 1-15 are part of the original story.  Chapter 16 was a partially unfinished chapter I recently finished for this arc.

I did use some Japanese terms in here and tried to use some of the more common Bleach Japanese terms, but Japanese is not a second language for me, so I’m not guaranteeing my use is correct.  Feel free to let me know if I should make changes.

I’ve converted the old files into new ones but may have missed some errors from the conversion, so please let me know if you spot some.

Please enjoy this reformatted edition of Bleach: Cross: White Princess Rebirth.  The story continues in Bleach: Cross: Another Shinigami Part 2: The Reincarnation.

Meanwhile, I’ll be rewatching Bleach to get familiar with the story again.  I’ve been working on my original works, though after receiving some “unwanted attention” from certain person(s), I have been off the Internet for a long while.  I’ve come back online and decided to start finishing up some of my stories.  I have updated my website to include a fanworks section which will be hosting all my fanworks and some behind-the-scenes notes.


Snow White Princess of the Heavens

This is not an accurate Japanese translation, but this is the translation for purposes of Bleach: Cross.


I started Bleach: Cross as a break from my studies at the time.  I also wanted to work on characterizations and other writing exercises.  I started different Bleach: Cross stories based on which storyline or characterization I wanted to work on.  I keep the stories listed in numerical order, but the order may change based on new stories.  I keep the numerical listing up to date.  The “main” continuity is currently the “Another Shingami” stories “White Princess Rebirth” (this story) and “The Reincarnation” (TBA).


Are not my bad attempt at writing in Japanese.  These are in Simplified Chinese.  I prefer them over section breaks that do not convert properly upon upload.  If they do not display correctly, please let me know.


Any references to legal matters or legal status are purely fictional and do not reflect the laws of the real world and should NOT be viewed as legal advice.


I will occasionally include a character guide for reference at the bottom of a story chapter.


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