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Shirahime Thorne (Shihoin) / Shirayukihime Shinnouhi
A human who became a shinigami. Member of the royal family.
Royal Title (Modern): Shirayukihime Shinnouhi

Shirahime’s Known Previous Incarnations
Shirahime’s prior incarnations.

Thorne Family & Allies
Thorne Family Branches.
(Featuring original characters and modified from canon characters.)

Daichi Thorne Takeya
Adopted child of Shirahime.

Raiko Thorne Takeya
Daichi’s younger twin sister.

Lafiel Urahara
Shirahime’s sister.

Shirahime’s mod soul.

Crown Prince Shiroyuki
The next Soul King who is engaged to Shirahime.

The Shinnouhi Royal Guard
Shirahime’s personal guard in the royal realm.

Shinjiro Kita
Seventh seat of the eleventh division who later transfers to the fifth division.

Tatsuya Hidaka
Sixth seat of the eleventh division.

Minor OCs
List of some other original characters.

Zanpakutos (OC’s)
Yukihime (no Tenjou)
Kosetsu Ryu
Aoi Raiko

Some Modified from Canon Characters or Elements

Soul Society
Fifth Division
Royal Family and Royal Realm
Zero Division

Thorne Family Shinigami Ranks – Post Nokori Kaze:

Lafiel UraharaSecondThird Seat
Shirahime ThorneFifthTaicho
Daichi Thorne TakeyaFifthThird Seat
Raiko Thorne TakeyaFifthUnknown/TBA
Matsuri KudoFifthUnknown/TBA
Fujimaru KudoTenthUnknown/TBA
Yachiru KusajishiEleventhFukutaicho

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