Fifth Division *

The fifth division is one of the thirteen shinigami divisions in Soul Society. Its former taicho, Sosuke Aizen betrayed Soul Society in his quest to become a god. His fukutaicho, Momo Hinamori, was blindly loyal to Aizen.

Before Shirahime Thorne first fought Aizen, temporary leadership of the division was spread among several other division taichos, most notably Toshiro Hitsugaya of the tenth division.

Before Shirahime first died, she planned ahead to use some of her power to help Momo recover. This healing came to Momo after Shirahime died. Momo woke briefly and was angry Shirahime had been promoted to her new taicho. Momo did not care that Shirahime helped her recover. Momo shunned her childhood friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya, for supporting Shirahime’s promotion and more so for being in love with Shirahime.

Sou Taicho Yamamoto gave Shirahime this posthumous promotion to fifth division taicho in an attempt to appease the royal family’s outrage over Shirahime’s death. Shirahime had been the Shinnouhi, the Imperial Princess of the royal family.

After Shirahime was resurrected and returned as taicho, Momo eventually learned to let Aizen go and respected her new taicho. She became fiercely loyal to Shirahime.

Before the events of Fifth Division in the Red, Shirahime adopted Daichi Thorne Takeya as her son. He later became the third seat of the fifth division. Sometime afterward, the fifth division gained a new member in the form of Raiko, the incarnation of Daichi’s zanpakuto who called herself Daichi’s younger twin sister.

During Nokori Kaze, Shirahime discovered two of her other children, the lost twins Matsuri and Fujimaru Kudo. Matsuri joined the fifth division while her brother joined the tenth division.

The fifth division has close ties to the sixth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth divisions. Shirahime is the mother of Yachiru Kusajishi, fukutaicho of the eleventh division. Before becoming fifth division taicho, Shirahime was an officer in the eleventh and tenth divisions.

The fifth division is allies with the Shinnouhi Royal Guard, a subdivision of zero division, who is in charge of Shirahime’s protection while in the royal realm. It is weary of Crown Prince Shiroyuki’s guards and is enemies with the rest of zero division.

Notable Members

Shirahime ThorneTaichoBefore Toshiro’s Journey
Momo HinamoriFukutaichoPre Series
Daichi Thorne TakeyaThirdBefore Fifth Division in the Red
Shinjiro KitaFifthBefore King’s Seal
Raiko Thorne TakeyaTBABefore Shiro Shattered
Matsuri KudoTBAAfter Nokori Kaze


Since Shirahime became taicho, she created three subdivisions within the division. Each had a specialty. Shinjiro Kita is the head of the alpha division, which is in charge of barrier enforcement. He is the immediate supervisor of the currently unnamed heads of delta and theta division.

Alpha (Barrier Enforcement)

MemberSubunitPosition or Featured In
Shinjiro KitaN/ASubdivision Leader
Kaori Tanaka *Alpha TwoFifth Division in the Red
Unnamed member *Alpha TwoFifth Division in the Red
* (See Minor OCs)

Delta (Specialty Unrevealed)

MemberPosition or Featured In
Shinjiro KitaSupervisor
Unnamed memberSubdivision Leader

Theta (Specialty Unrevealed)

MemberPosition or Featured In
Shinjiro KitaSupervisor
Unnamed memberSubdivision Leader