06: A Reason to Kill Mayuri [MA]

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Return of the Full Fifth Division Arc
Fifth Division in the Red
By Eugena

MA Version

Chapter Six: A Reason to Kill Mayuri



Shinjiro’s mouth dropped.  It was his turn to be speechless.

“There’s no way this is normal in America,” he insisted.

“Have you been there?” Kuckiki asked.

“No, but -.”

“Well -.”

“Come on, you expect hime-sama to act like that?”

Momo looked between them.  There must be something she was missing.

“Of course taicho won’t be like them,” Momo insisted.  “This is going to be much better because she’s got class and even if it’s an act, that woman on tv was bad.  Taicho can act.  I’ve heard that many times.*

“Taicho has been through a lot, and don’t you think that she – more than  the rest of us – needs a break?”

“Well, you might be right, Hinamori,” Daichi said.  “I’d like mom to have some time off.  She needs to get better after losing all that blood.  I’m sure something nice like that will be what she needs.”

Shinjiro looked between Daichi and Yachiru.  Yachiru had been rubbing off on him.  It was generally a bad sign if Daichi called taicho something other than taicho, hime-sama, or Shinnouhi.  Yet he used to call her mother.  Yachiru called her mom.  Yep, she was rubbing off on her younger brother.

“Yeah.  Mom never yells at me.  She must be very sad.  Let’s do it.”

“She should go on dates?” Kuchiki asked them.

Renji’s face turned red.  He suddenly remembered something.

“Kuchiki Taicho, any particular reason why you don’t think she should go out on dates?” Shinjiro asked.  He’d seen Renji’s face.

“Kenny and Shiro are going to win!” Yachiru declared.  “Then they can have another fight!  Kenny will love it.  Then they’ll get married.  Just like they were going to before she went away.”  She looked to Daichi.  “I finally got the little brother I always wanted!  You think Kenny and mom will have another child?  Boy or girl?  Both?”

The men – other than Daichi – looked at her speechless.

“Well, sister,” Daichi said, “what about both?  Then we’ll both have a younger sister and you can have another younger brother.”

“Yay!” she jumped into Daichi’s embrace.  “Momo, you’ve got to do it!  Got to!  Got to!”

Momo looked around.  She thought it was a good idea.

“Um,” she said.  “How can you be sure Kenny – that is Zaraki Taicho – will be the father?”

“Because he’s going to beat Shiro again!” Yachiru declared.  “Though I like Shiro.  Maybe they can both have a baby with her.”

Renji started coughing.

“Oh no,” Shinjiro thought, “she’s been throwing herself at taicho, and maybe she doesn’t know about -.  Then again, she didn’t really understand what someone told her about that time taicho and I were -.  No, no.  Stop it.  Put it behind you.  But those two men are so lucky.  They get to see her like that.  Why the hell did Hitsugaya ruin that for me?”

“Maybe we should tell obaa-san and jii-san,” Daichi suggested.  “They could help us go shopping for our new brother and sister.”

“Yay!  Let’s go, Daichi.  Off to the human world!  Obaa-san will be so happy!  Then let’s surprise mom, Kenny and Shiro!”

“We should wait to tell mom, Kenny, and Shiro when the contest is over.  That’d be a big surprise.  I bet mom will cry tears of happiness!”

“Yay!”  Yachiru kissed Daichi on the cheek.  “Operation: new brother and sister, let’s go!”

They all watched them leave as Yachiru grabbed Hanataro’s hand to take him with them, insisting they needed his input for their shopping trip.

When Reji recovered, he said, “I get not telling her, but shouldn’t someone explain to Takeya how-?”

“Nope,” Shinjiro said.  “That’s what grandparents are for.  I’m going to love the shock on Urahara’s face.  I wonder if Kurotsuchi would record it for us?  Let’s let taicho sleep.”

“Are you sure Urahara won’t want to kill someone?” Renji asked.

“Well, he never went on a manhunt for Daichi’s father,” Shinjiro commented.

“He is only adopted,” Kuchiki added.

“Don’t say that around his sister,” Shinjiro warned.  “Or anyone in the eleventh.  We’ll all kill you.  This is your one and only free pass.”

“But really, how does it work?” Momo asked.  “How would someone be the father?  How can you be sure?  If we don’t know Daichi’s father is, doesn’t that mean you can’t be sure?  Did taicho just ask Zaraki Taicho to be Yachiru’s father?  So most shinigami don’t have kids because they never ask someone to have them?”

It really wouldn’t be right for these men to explain this to her.  Not to mention it would be awkward.  Shinjiro knew about that time between taicho and him – he knew because he was there**.  As for Kuchiki, well, there was that one time . . . .

[A/N: * Several prior stories (not posted yet); **Who gets this reference?  Bonus points!]



Many members of the different divisions were forgettable.  If this was a chess game, they were the pawns that would never reach queen.

Such pawns were easily found in two (somewhat) green members – Yuri Hanako and Ryo Yoshida.

Yuri admired the beauty of the sixth division taicho, Byakuya Kuchiki.  He was more beautiful than any man had a right to be – at least in her opinion.  She supposed she might say the same of Toshiro Hitsugaya of the tenth division if he were older.

It started with Ryo’s comment that if he ever imagined Kuchiki would ever give any person the time of day, it would be Shirahime Thorne, taicho of the fifth division.  As she was the Imperial Princess, surely she was the only person worthy of his noble blood.

And how Yuri’s blood heated at the thought.  It burned for him and it cried for her blood.  Why should she have everything?  She had Kenpachi Zaraki, taicho fo the eleventh division, so who else did she need?  She was royalty and would be marrying a king.  What else would she demand?  Toshiro Hitsugaya nearly threw himself at her when he felt bold.  Even Yuri’s strange taicho, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, seemed to have a thing for her.  Yuri tried to never be in the same room as her.  Kurotsuchi demanded they all call her by her title.

Then Ryo ruined it by added that she was actually too good for his merely noble blood.  She was royalty.  He wasn’t.

She didn’t deserve him.  She didn’t deserve anyone.

Yuri tuned out what her partner said until he mentioned his Valentine’s gift he was planning so far ahead.

She didn’t know he had a partner.

But of course he didn’t.  This was a gift to himself.  It was a new cologne to make him irresistible to women.  He wanted to try it on Nemu Kurotsuchi.

No, not like an experiment.  He actually wanted it to work on her.  Yes, that strange fukutaicho and “daughter” of their genius taicho.

He should aim higher.

Such as Byakuya Kuchiki.

She couldn’t wait for him to finish it.  Literally could not wait.  As in no small testing first.  As in is it lethal or not?

Then again, it is the twelfth division.  Research always came before morals.  Urahara had his moments like that.  Kurotsuchi had those moments all the time.

Finally something to be thankful for in this hell of a division.



Byakuya Kuchiki had no end shortage of servants to do things for him.  Today he had but a simple request.  All the rooms in the manor were cleaned three times.

He stirred the pot.

If only he knew the other meaning of that.

No worries.  He’d know soon enough.

His lips turned up slightly at the sight of perfection – perfectly brewed tea.

Yachiru Kusajishi loved to constantly try to get his attention.

The tea was a simple request.

He was no longer surprised Shinnouhi spent so much time over at the twelfth division.  She was often at the eleventh.  Twelfth was nearby.  She went there to speak with her parents.  They wanted to see her in person, but rarely did so.  Unless Yoruichi came here.

She and that annoying transfer from the eleventh division, Shinjiro Kita, were busy holding the fifth division together.  Sure, Kuchiki helped out from some form of obligation but Hitsugaya had been the one to really help Kita before Shinnouhi had been resurrected.

Nemu Kurotsuchi served her many different kinds of tea.  Surely she would know her favorite.  Yachiru was happy to request some.

It was time to put rivalries behind him.

He should just realize there were other divisions whose members wished their building was next door to the fifth.

He should take a sip to be sure it was the right temperature and mixed correctly.  He took a small cup and poured some in.  The other more ornate cups were already set on the table.  He brought the cup to his lips, savoring the rich aroma which should definitely not be coming from the tea.

This was her favorite.  It was no doubt an invention of the twelfth division.  Perhaps for improving stamina.  She used to be exhausted all the time.  Kurotsuchi would be hesitant to do something harmful to the Imperial Princess.  Anyone else – okay,  But her or her children – no.  There was no woman more terrifying than the Imperial Princess when one of her children were threatened.  Byakuya thought he was not the only one who would fall on his zanpakuto rather than fight against her in that moment.

He drank and looked out at the moon.

To see a certain princess in a dress the color of moonlight.

Words left him.

Good thing he dressed for this occasion.

“Kuchiki.  Kuchiki.”

Her wonderful voice was so near.

She smacked his cheek.  Much gentler than she could have.

He grasped her hand.

“Are you okay?  You hurt yourself somehow?” she asked.

“No.  No,” he insisted.

He led her to the table.

“Are you serving sake?  Have you been drinking?”

“Just your figure,” he muttered.


“Please sit.  Relax.  We really should get along better.  Starting tonight.”

“O-kay.  Yes.  Sure.”  This started to remind her of that one time with Shinjiro -.

Byakuya poured the tea into her cup then into his.  The one he used to test the tea lay forgotten on a table behind them.

They drank together.

“You look so beautiful in the moonlight.  Are you sure you aren’t the moon princess?”

“I am a god.”

Byakuya needed a break.

“My god.”

She raised her brow.  “Kuchiki?”

“Byakuya, please.  Formalities should be behind us now.”

“Yes, well then.  Byakuya, are you feeling well?”  She drank more.

The tea burned pleasantly.  Her face heated.  It wasn’t just the tea burning.

He touched her hair and tucked it behind her ear.  His hand caressed her cheek.

She took his hand and held it there.  She liked his touch.  She would like it more if he did more.

She drained the rest of the tea.

He dropped his cup.

His lips were against hers.



The sound of the tea cup breaking as it struck the floor caused a few servants to jump.  Two of them rushed in to help clean.

Only to watch as their beloved master practically devour the Imperial Princess with his lips.  He tore at her dress, his lips finally reaching places hidden from others.

“What are you doing?” the second servant hissed to the first.  “We can’t stay here and watch!”

“Master has finally taken a woman to bed!  It’s been so long!”

Pervert.  And we’d better get out of here before he kills us.  No waking them up early in the morning or,  hell, going anywhere near where they might be.  We should clear out.”

“What do you mean?” the first servant asked.

“They are here in the small dining area here and not in his bedroom yet.  Who knows where exactly they’ll be taking this?”

The second servant looked over at the two of them.  He wished he could be doing that  – exactly what Kuchiki was doing to her – with anyone.

“Byakuya.  Please.”  Shirahime gripped his hair.

He looked up at her.  “Let me show you just how much better I am than Zaraki.”

“Go, our cue to go!” the second servant hissed.  “And let’s all pretend we don’t hear all the noise they’re making.  And let’s pray Kenpachi Zaraki has absolutely no reason to show up right now.



Shirahime needed to go to bed.  Actually sleep instead of sleeping with Kenpachi and Yumichikia.  Considering how worn out she felt, she must have done both last night.

She stretched as she rolled over, feeling for either Kenpachi’s massive figure or Yumichika’s much smaller one.

Too small to be Kenpachi.

“Yumi,” she whispered in his ear.  “I’ve missed you.  Last night was amazing.”  She pressed her lips to his ear.

“Not too tired are you?” she asked as she climbed on top of him.  She kissed him on his lips as she opened her eyes.

And stared right into a very asleep Byakuya Kuchiki.

What the literal f-?

She looked down, not wanting to see what she could already figure out.

Neither of them wore clothes.

If she still denied it, the many stains on the sheets proved it.

What the hell were they drinking last night that would lead to this?

Byakuya Kuchiki tolerated her, perhaps tried to be nice to her, but there was no way in any hell he would have done that with her.

Oh f-.

No, never mind.  They had just done that many times.

She really should move.  She could feel how much he would want it again if he woke up.

He was dreaming about it.  The way he suddenly gripped her to hold her to himself assured she was right.  He adjusted his hold and finally got her exactly where he wanted her.

No, no.  Stop enjoying this.  Maybe he wasn’t even thinking about her.  That’s it.  He thought she was someone else last night and right now.  There’s no way he could be enjoying this with her, right?

He opened his eyes slightly, his mind still in fog.

“Shirahime,” he growled.  “You feel so good.”

No, she was dreaming, right?  Byakuya must mean someone else named Shirahime.

“You don’t mean that,” she said.  “You’re just still asleep.”

“Then I don’t want to wake up.  But since I am asleep, I’ll do this.”

He rolled over and pinned her down.  He kissed her, and she felt that same fire when she drank the tea.

Oh what the hell?  Maybe she was dreaming, too.  Might as well enjoy this.

“Kenpachi wants to fight you all the time.  Perhaps it’s time for you to prove whether or not you’re better than him in a different contest.”

She wouldn’t forget that kind of smile on his face, the confidence.  She’d always remember the look he gave her when she told him to prove himself.


Preview of Future Chapters:

Shirahime, Heaven’s Princess.  Reincarnation number – well, who knows?  Is this really Hell?  Haven’t I done enough as Heaven’s Princess?  Momo, where exactly did you get this idea?  Oh, yes, Mayuri Kurotsuchi.  No, no, please don’t ask me that question Yachiru!  I feel it coming.  That terrible time I must finally explain to my daughter, my son, my other daughter – oh, yes, I’d better explain to Momo, where exactly children come from.  Wait, other daughter?  Um, Yachiru, no it’s not like that.  I’m not expecting another child, am I?  Should I expect one when this is over?

Mayuri Kurotsuchi, prepare to die.


Author’s Notes:

Fifth Division:

After Shirahime became taicho, she ran her division as she wanted, not caring for tradition.  Among other changes, she created three subdivisions – alpha, delta, and theta.  Each had different specialties.  Alpha is the main subdivision in charge of enforcing the barrier Shirahime constructed to prevent intruders from the royal realm coming into Soul Society.  They are unable to create the barrier itself but can reinforce the one Shirahime made.

Daichi’s Father:

Will this be revealed in this story?

I am a god:

Shirahime is not joking.  She is.  This is mentioned in some other stories.  She did not (fully) become a god in this life until she faced Aizen when she was the third seat of the tenth division.


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