04: Tea and Talk [MA]

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Return of the Full Fifth Division Arc
Fifth Division in the Red
By Eugena

MA Version

Chapter Four: Tea and Talk



Her reiatsu had drained so much, she could barely see, even in her dreams.  She hardly knew when she was in the fourth division and when she was dreaming, until the voices came.

A woman wailed worse than a baby, louder, more annoying, and she just wouldn’t shut up.  The more Shirahime tried to tune it out, the louder it got, as if more and more, she became its only audience.

A detached woman’s voice came, a voice over in a bad play: “He’s not there for the right reasons.  He’s a washed-up rock star looking for a new start, and you’re it.  Besides, he said you were a selfish (bleep) who looked (bleep bleep).  He’s a little disappointed they won’t show it on television.”

The woman wailed even louder, which should have been impossible.

“What the (bleep)?” exclaimed a man in voice over.  “They promised me Eva and this is Jane.  Oh well, at least she’s an (bleep bleep).  Let me play up this (bleep).”

“I’ve died and gone to rerun hell,” Shirahime thought.  “Thanks, division zero and royalty, you’ve finished me off better than Aizen did in my past life.  He should take pointers from you.  Could be worse, Aizen could be on this show.”



Yamamoto Sou Taicho sat drinking Earl Grey tea with his fukutaicho, replaying the events for him.

“Dating?” the fukutaicho asked.  “Wouldn’t the royal family have our heads?”

“Maybe they will understand.  This could loosen her up to accept her role as future wife to the crown prince.”

Sasakibe Fukutaicho nearly spit out his tea.  “You do know she’s an American, right?  American women aren’t like that.  Well, there are some, but they’re ….” He trailed off, not willing to go down that road.

“She’s still a shinigami.   She’ll learn her place.”

“I think Zaraki might just challenge you if you ever say that in front of him.  It didn’t exactly work out for you well last time.”

“Dating was her fukutaicho’s idea,” he explained.  “And the fifth division is in the red – broke that is.  I believe that’s why she wants it.”

Yamamoto had to explain again how the show worked, how the woman got paid, and how Hinamori probably thought this was a good idea.

Sasakibe brought up sex.

“I don’t think Hinamori Fukutaicho is old enough or at least mature enough to understand that.  I’m sure she doesn’t mean to include it.”

“And I’m sure if we include it, zero division will have a field day executing the both of us.”

Yamamoto tensed at his words, deliberately reminding himself just who he was about to put up on this circus.  Zaraki was a wild card the royal family just put up with; probably his position as Yachiru’s father allowed him to have an intimate relationship with her and live.  Somehow, Yamamoto didn’t find out about Ayasegawa.  Yes, certain rules permitted what had gone on, however, Yamamoto would have killed him.  All to ensure the royal family didn’t come here and kill them all.  Likely saving Yamamoto for last.

Yet, Yamamoto thought it was still a good idea.  She already showed the beginnings of being uncomfortable around men, and either this would break her of whatever had transpired in those tragic days, or this would push her into a shell.  Besides, wouldn’t her fukutaicho know best?  Surely, she had discussed this with the third seat, Shirahime’s adopted son?  If he didn’t complain, it should be alright.  Right?



Hitsugaya Toshiro yearned to hear the voice again who called him “Shiro Taicho.”  He wished he lived back in those days where Shirahime was his third seat.  In those times, he often watched her as she slept.  Only Matsumoto knew he had done it.  Only Matsumoto was his confidant when it came to her.

Matsumoto had been happy when Hinamori had suggested the dating show idea.  She had thought it would have been a good chance for him to confront Zaraki.  Yet, he confronted him first.  His words stung him like picking away at a festering wound.  He was just a child.  No matter his age, he looked young.  He had not the courage to drop the act.

Once, only once did he let down that barrier.  When she needed to recover.  He couldn’t do it to her face.  It was a peaceful night.  He held her.  All those times he wept over her death, all that pain gone in those moments.

He had been so hopeful.  Then that hope shattered before him as Shirahime became closer to Zaraki and chose him over Shiro.

Then zero division came.  And the nightmares he had after her death would now probably be sweet dreams compared to the truth he didn’t want to believe.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

As the shinigami of Soul Society are comforted that Thorne will recover, Yachiru, Daichi, Momo and others return to the fifth division.  While Shinjiro, the fifth seat, guides his division in serious matters, Kuchiki Taicho suggests they all really do need a break.  But who he thinks should be on the dating show and who Momo does are two different people.

Meanwhile, should anyone really discuss this idea in front of Shirahime’s children?

Back in the fourth division, news of the dating contest spreads.



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