S08-1: Fifth Division in the Red I [M Version] ^

Bleach: Across the Dimensions
Return of the Full Fifth Division Arc
Fifth Division in the Red
By Eugena

When Momo Hinamori discovers how far her division in debt, she discovers an American reality dating show and decides it would be a good fund raiser.  After all, her taicho is an American, so it should be alright?  Meanwhile, Shirahime thanks Mayuri Kurotsuchi for giving her the opportunity to have “the talk” with her children and Momo.  Run Mayuri, run.

Occurs after the “After DiamondDust” story, sometime shortly after Momo Hinamori wakes up from her coma and Shirahime adopts Daichi Takeya.

Rated M for implied themes.
This is a spoof of reality tv dating shows, Bleach style. You have been warned.

Note: Some events and relationship backgrounds referred to are only in the MA versions of previous stories. This includes events with Yumichika and Shinjiro (original character).

Pairings: Shirahime/Others (Everyone?) Yes, everyone. This is a spoof after all.

This is the Rated M Version
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Chapter List:

  1. Present for Taicho
  2. Taicho to Taicho
  3. Rest and Relaxation, But This?
  4. Tea and Talk
  5. Explaining the Game
  6. A Reason to Kill Mayuri
  7. A Prize
  8. What the Divisions Decided – Part 1
  9. Fifth and Alpha
  10. Son of Princess
  11. Getting Back to the Question
  12. Daughter of Princess
  13. Summon Twelve
  14. What the Divisions Decided – Part 2
  15. Mama, May I?
  16. Facing Truth
  17. All In
  18. Counting Allies
  19. Who’s the New Dad? (Final Chapter)

Cast List & Notes

The princess takes a break for family matters in:
Red Gemini

The contest continues in:
Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division

MATURE CONTENT: M Version vs MA Version of Fifth Division in the Red

Opening Theme: Kuchibiru Kara Romantica by AAA
Ending Theme: Aitai Riyuu by AAA

Read & Review: [AO3] [FFN]

Chapter(s)Originally Written On or Before
Adapted for M Rating 08/03/2022
1207/30/2022 & 08/15/2022

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