18: Counting Allies

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Fifth Division in the Red
By Eugena

Chapter Eighteen: Counting Allies



Shunsui and Nanao tried to keep up with Jushiro, but they had no chance keeping up with Jushiro’s enhancement from Mimihagi.

“Taicho?” Nanao prompted.  “Taicho!”

“It’s a long story,” he said finally.  “But Jushiro’s got a god.  And this god’s god is the princess.”

“You mean -?  Wait, I forgot to tell you both, we may be getting invaded!”

“You mean from zero division?  Again?  We’re screwed.  Hang on, we’d better get Hitsugaya.”



“What in the hell?” Ikkaku snapped as he rushed in.

Toshiro Hitsugaya breathed heavily, his mind struggling to process Yukihime’s words.  He had imagined everything.  That meant Zaraki still had what – who – meant everything to him.

“Hitsugaya, snap out of it!” Ikkaku yelled.  “You’d better sure as hell explain all that, but right now I don’t care.  Kurotsuchi just came flying by our division.  Hime-sama needs your help.”

Hitsugaya wanted to curl up into a ball.  He wanted that fantasy again.  Did it matter that it was not real?

Ikkaku punched him, and Hitsugaya fell to the floor.

Several tenth division members rushed in.

“Stand back!” Ikkaku yelled.  “Don’t get in our way.  Or do you think your taicho will tolerate any of you getting in the way of saving his princess?”

The division members stopped.

Ikkaku huffed and picked up Hitsugaya.  He would have to carry him.

“What’s going on?” Shunsui asked as he and Nanao rushed in.

“Kyoraku Taicho,” Ikkaku greeted.  “I think hime-sama needs us.  Kurotsuchi -.”

“Yeah,” Shunsui cut him off.  “Big time.  And zero division might be here.  Let’s go.”

“Zero division?” a tenth division member asked aloud.

“Not them!” another exclaimed.

“Without the princess, we have no chance!” another shouted.

“Hey, Shiro!” Shunsui called to him.  “Planning on being unconscious when Shirahime dies again?  You know, like last time?”

“What?” Shiro came around.  “Shirahime?”

“Judging by the way Kurotsuchi blazed past our division, it’s not good news,” Ikkaku said.  “Now stop weighing us down.”

Shunsui turned to Nanao.  “Kita taught you what to do, right?”

“Yes, taicho.”

“Then start here and get as many people as you can ready.”

“Right away, taicho.”

“Come on fellas,” Shunsui said to Ikkaku and Shiro.

The air chilled as Shiro grew ice wings.

“Well, that works,” Shunsui said as Shiro flew away.

“Show off,” Ikkaku muttered.  “Okay, let’s go.”



Genryusai Yamamoto grew to hate these days.  He loved his students.  He’d gotten used to being in charge.  Then some reincarnated princess showed up.  To make matters worse, in her human life not so long ago, she was an American, a citizen of a relatively young country that taught certain values such as gender equality.  While not necessarily a bad thing for humans, this was very bad in their society.  To be more specific, this was bad in the royal realm.  It was ruled by a king, always ruled by a man, and a woman from the royal family had better to exactly what she was told.  Particularly when she was told to marry a certain crown prince.

A princess was not supposed to give orders.  She was simply to pass along her husband’s or the king’s orders.  She really had no business being here at all.

Instead of an obedient princess, Soul Society was now home not just a princess, but the Imperial Princess, the top ranked one.  Were there other princesses?  Oh, yes, Yachiru.  That cute pink haired girl from the eleventh division of all places.

Let’s see.  Which division was with who?

First division, his own, of course they were loyal to him.

Second division, home of the stealth force.  It should be loyal to him, but Soi Fon Taicho considered herself Shirahime’s sister.  Even without that, she’d never harm her precious Lady Yoruichi who was Shirahime’s mother.

Third division.  Maybe on his side.

Fourth division.  Tough one.  Unohana should be on his side, but she was the first Kenpachi.  No way she would go against the mother of Kenpachi’s child.  And she loved Yachiru.  Yeah, fourth division not on his side.  Not to mention they were Shirahime’s neighbors.

Fifth division.  Allegiance: the princess.  Leader: the princess.  As per the crown prince: to be run by: the princess.  Method of getting the royal family not to kill them all: give it to the princess.  Princess Division.

Sixth division.  Would Kuchiki stand against the princess?  Perhaps he would have, but then Kurotsuchi let them get really close together.  Yamamoto thanked whatever lucky stars nobody in the royal family found out about that one.

Seventh division.  Sajin was pretty logical.  So, of course, he would pick Yamamoto, right?  But the royal family was in charge, and Shirahime was the princess.  Okay, maybe he should not count that division on his side.

Eighth division.  Shunsui might pick him.  After all, he did have Yamamoto to thank for his sake.

Ninth division.  Yeah, surely, they would pick him.

Tenth division.  Toshiro Hitsugaya.  No chance.

Eleventh division.  Shirahime was the mother of Kenpachi’s child, the fukutaicho of that division.  So, did he have a chance?

Twelfth division.  Nobody knew what went on in Kurotsuchi’s mind.  Best leave it right there.

Thirteenth division.  Surely, Jushiro was loyal?

“Are you alright, Sou Taicho?” Sasakibe interrupted his thoughts.

“Why, yes.  Just reminiscing of the days.  Don’t you miss the days before Shinnouhi came here?”

“Don’t say that too loud, Sou Taicho.  You know that’s like insulting the king.”

“Well, I hope Hinamori’s idea helps tame her.”

Tame her?”

“You know, get her to accept her role as the crown prince’s wife.”

By dating a lot of men?  I’ve been having second thoughts.”

“Nonsense.  It will help her realize she’s always wanted to get married.”

“To be fair, Sou Taicho, if you count all her other incarnations, she’s been married many times.”

“Well, she can’t just stay, can she?  She really needs to go back where she belongs.”

“To America?”

“No, of course not.  You know she can’t go back there now.   She needs to go back to the royal family.”

“And how do you propose that happens?”

With a proposal!  We’ll do Hinamori’s idea, and then the prince will come rushing in and sweep her off her feet.  After all, how can a shinigami compare to a prince and future king?”

“Um, Sou Taicho, this is another thing you should not say in front of Zaraki.  They were getting married.”

“And you see how well that turned out, right?  Don’t worry.  Hinamori’s idea will go just fine.  After all, what could go wrong?”

“Maybe you’re right, Sou Taicho.  It’s not like there’s another prince, right?”


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