13. Summon Twelve

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Bleach: Cross
Across the Dimensions
Fifth Division in the Red
By Eugena

Chapter Thirteen: Summon Twelve



Yuri Hanako cursed again as she picked up her worn-out toothbrush.  There were not many bristles left, but Kurotsuchi Taicho’s order still stood.

“Hey, get up!” she screamed at the man passed out on the floor.

Her partner, Ryo Yoshida, grunted, his exhausted body desperate for sleep he hadn’t had enough of.

“It’s your shift, Yuri,” he said as he turned back over.

“I don’t care!”

“Come now,” he chided.  “I volunteered to do the overnight shift so you wouldn’t have to be awake.”  He laughed.

Yuri screamed again.

“Don’t worry, perhaps Kurotsuchi Fukutaicho won’t tell us this time.”

Yuri’s eyes glowed in furious anger.  She remembered that day her plans went to hell.



Kurotsuchi Taicho had not been seen for several days.  Everyone in the division was way too afraid to speculate.  Yet after noting Zaraki had come, the Shinnouhi had come, then Unohana had come, it became quite clear their crazy taicho was made to answer for something.

Yuri saw her beloved Kuchiki staring as Thorne left.  The way he stared after her was the way any woman would have wanted him to.

That was the way Yuri wanted him to look at her.  She fantasized about it as she blended the ingredients for the tea.

Her blood ran cold as she wondered if he had any of the tea yet.

No, no.

She couldn’t stand the thought.  It hit her.  He had the tea.  Now he looked at that princess that way.

Several days later she had no room for doubt.  Nemu Kurotsuchi sat down in a somewhat friendly manner next to the division members.  She said that taicho was considering a special promotion for Yuri and Ryo and asked to speak with them alone.

Ryo tried to hide his excitement.  It wasn’t exactly just him and Nemu, but close enough.

Nemu praised their efforts and then poured them tea.  Ryo blushed.  Yuri’s face paled.  She pushed her chair back.  Nemu caught both their hands.  She held Ryo’s firmly to prevent him from touching his cup.  She pulled Yuri closer.

“Please, Hanako,” Nemu said.  “You should really drink first.  You agree don’t you,  Yoshida?  Ryo?”

Ryo gushed at hearing Nemu call him by his first name.  He still could not believe Nemu held his hand.

“Ladies first,” Ryo agreed.

Yuri tried to pull away.

“Ryo, I think Hanako needs a little help,” Nemu suggested.

“Yuri, what’s wrong with you?” he asked.

“This tea is very good,” Nemu said.  “Kuchiki Taicho enjoyed it.  Of course, it’s not a tea meant to have alone.”

“Really?” Ryo said.  “It’s very special then?”

“I pity you, Ryo,” Nemu said as she looked at him.  “You worked so hard on this and somehow didn’t know she put it in the tea.  How sad.  You had such potential.”

“Put what?” he asked.

“Thanks to your pheromones, Ryo, Kuchiki Taicho and Shinnouhi have gotten closer,” Nemu explained.  “This isn’t usually a story I would permit to be shared, but I couldn’t help but notice how much you wanted it to work on him, Hanako.  And it worked wonderfully.  Why the two of them -.”



Mayuri Kurotsuchi waited impatiently for Unohana to contact him.  Sure, they didn’t like each other, but it would not be the first time they worked together for the woman they loved.

“Stop it,” he told himself.  “Love is for weaklings.  And don’t put it that way.  Unohana admired her.  That was it.  She was just messing with you that time.”

Unohana was better at mind games than he was.  As he lay in pain when she put him back together, she taunted him with scenarios he was sure was not true.  Granted, he believed she probably saw Zaraki with Shinnouhi. but the rest she made up.  Of course, she did.

Kurotsuchi wasn’t stupid.  As far as the men went in Soul Society, the most popular depended on what kind of person you were.  Kuchiki was thought to be the pinnacle of perfection and desire, unless you were into rough and all sorts of dark fantasies with Zaraki.  Kyoraku was a ladies’ man, more approachable than Kuchiki.  As long as the woman didn’t mind the casual fling, she had a prayer.  Ukitake held the distinguished position of the man women who preferred the older man went for.

Of course, some of the lesser ranking shinigami were in demand.  But those four were the most popular.

Kurotsuchi had no chance.  Not that he had cared before.

Yet he felt what had to be his heart clench in his chest when he saw others staring at the Shinnouhi, the woman he put up on a pedestal.  Not that she didn’t deserve it.  Besides being royalty, besides saving their collective asses time and again, she had the most spiritual power in all of Soul Society.  Finally regaining most of her god self, she was their strongest ally and easily the one person who could kill most if not all of them if she chose them as enemies.

When she finally came back to them after zero division thoroughly beat her, he wanted to run at the way she looked at him.

She used to smile at him sometimes as they spoke about different things.  He hated being around stupid or ignorant people, but she was none of that.  She knew so much more than he did on so many things.

Then Zaraki or Ayasegawa would come over and interrupt.  Whenever it was Yachiru, her daughter, he didn’t mind.  But he didn’t like those men interrupting.  He knew how they looked at her.  Ayasegawa hid it.  But sometimes even he didn’t bother.

Why couldn’t she spend the night with him?

When she came back, when she looked at him that way, he knew she’d never.  Maybe she’d never come to see him for any reason.

If only he could make up a reason.  If only an opportunity would present itself.

His wrist bunt, his blood burning.  He knew that feeling.

“Nemu!” he called.  “Nemu, get in here!”


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