Yukihime “Hime” Suzunami

Yukihime was a shinigami and previous incarnation of Shirahime Thorne. She lived during the time of the Third Phantom DS game and was married to Seigen Suzunami who was the fifth division taicho at the time. She took Seigen’s last name for her own. She joined the fifth division.

Seigen and Yukihime had two adopted children, Matsuri and Fujimaru Kudo. Matsuri was the older of the two twins.

She considered Aizen Fukutaicho to be her friend. He called her Hime.

Prior to Nokori Kaze, Seigen Suzunami, Matsuri Kudo, and Fujimaru Kudo were presumed deceased.

Yukihime appears during the stories Red Gemini and Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division.

Zanpakuto: Kosetsu Ryu

StatePhaseCommandCommand (Extended PhraseNotes
ShikaiReleaseSoarKosetsuKosetsu’s incarnation appears
ShikaiRelease with AttackDestroy [Target]KosetsuKosetsu’s incarnation appears and attacks specified target

Yukihime’s Kosetsu is larger than Shirahime’s Kosetsu usually appears. By the time of Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division, Kosetsu can appear smaller to mimic Shirahime’s Kosetsu as seen on his attack on Byakuya Kuchiki.

Current Incarnation:
Shirayukihime Shinnouhi
(Shirahime Thorne)

Known Previous Incarnations


Seigen Suzunami was an abusive husband who required her to remain last in the division and did not want her practicing with her zanpakuto. Although she was not as powerful as Shirhaime, she would have been more powerful than many of the members of the division, but only Sosuke Aizen knew somewhat of her abilities besides Seigen.

Seigen did not acknowledge her as the mother of their children. Of the two, Yukihime was actually their parent. One of her previous incarnations wass the mother of the twins Matsuri and Fujimaru who were later reincarnated as Matsuri and Fujimaru Kudo.

Many in the fifth division did not know Yukihime and Seigen were married and even less knew that Yukihime was the mother of Matsuri and Fujimaru Kudo. As the fukutaicho, Aizen knew this and resented Seigen for his treatment of Yukihime, despising perhaps the most that Seigen took the children away from her.

In Red Gemini, Momo Hinamori told Yukihime that Aizen loved her. Those that knew Aizen was Daichi’s and Raiko’s biological father did not argue with the conclusion. Kenpachi stated that Shirahime and her incarnations and her children (referring to Daichi and Raiko) were the only people he would love or care about.