Yukihime “Hime” Suzunami

Yukihime was a shinigami and previous incarnation of Shirahime Thorne. She lived during the time of the Third Phantom DS game and was married to Seigen Suzunami who was the fifth division taicho at the time. She took Seigen’s last name for her own.

Seigen and Yukihime had two adopted children, Matsuri and Fujimaru Kudo. Matsuri was the older of the two twins.

Prior to Nokori Kaze, Seigen Suzunami, Matsuri Kudo, and Fujimaru Kudo were presumed deceased.

Yukihime appears during the stories Red Gemini and Fifth Division in the Red II: Princess Division.

Current Incarnation:
Shirayukihime Shinnouhi
(Shirahime Thorne)

Known Previous Incarnations