S11: Hitsugaya’s Heart ^

Hitsugaya must face himself and his secret.

That “Talk” Again
After the Zanpakuto Rebellion, Shirahime Thorne returns to her parents in the human world to recover. Her father, Kisuke Urahara, reflects on his family. Then realizes his eldest daughter seems strangely moody. No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

Valentine’s Day Off
The Shinigami get a day off and have a chance to attend to matters of the heart.  After the Zanpakuto Rebellion and That “Talk” Again.

The Night Before
The night before “Soul of Shirahime,” Rangiku and crew have a plan that involves a certain Heaven’s Princess and taicho.

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Story and Arc Changes (June 5, 2022)

Updates: Return of the Full Fifth Division (Story Arc); Only Memories Remain (MA Only); Shiro Shattered; Shiro Sunset: The Zanpakuto Uprising (Story Arc); Inner Soul; Hitsugaya’s Heart; (Story Arc) and That “Talk” Again. Continue reading

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