Images Disclaimer

Bleach: Cross Image Disclaimers

Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori of Bleach are property of and copyrighted to Kubo Tite and applicable others. Shirahime images are property of and copyrighted to their respective owners. Image edits for Bleach: Cross logo and Bleach: Cross Fifth Division button by Eugena Moulton.

Shirahime (Image: Tenrou Kunagi)


The image for Shirahime’s appearance is the often seen online white hair anime girl, which is Tenrou Kunagi. After researching this image, I discovered that this character comes from an “adult” game. I like the image of the character, but this is not a recommendation for playing an adult game. The copyright holder for Tenrou Kunagi is Alice Soft and applicable others.