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I thought I would try something different with a new fic, Bleach: Cross. I am working on improving my characterization and invented an original character. Sam(antha) Hawthorne, later called Shirahime. Through a strange twist of fate, she travels to Soul Society, and eventually I will reveal just how connected she is to the Bleach characters. I raise a lot of real life issues in this fic that my friends and others are dealing with. They will tie in to Bleach. I’m working on making this a slowly-developing fic, since my other [fan] fics are usually short.

In an effort to work on my relationships between Shirahime and other characters, I have started stories (After DiamondDust, Blush, Toshiro’s Journey) that occur after the latest chapter of the main story.


[Visit the Timeline Page Here]

Updated Timeline to be added.

01. Another Shinigami Part 1: White Princess Rebirth

02. Another Shinigami Part 2: The Reincarnation *

(Other events: Shirahime becomes fourth seat of eleventh division)

03. Princess of Memory (Includes Memories of Nobody Events) – MA Only (on my website & AO3)

(Other events: Shirahime becomes then third seat of tenth division.)

04. Blush (Valentine’s ’09 fic)

(Other events: Various fights with Aizen and other baddies. Shirahime “dies.” Sou Taicho names her as the fifth division taicho just to appease the royal family.)

05. Toshiro’s Journey

(Other events: Kail and others find her in the living world, and she returns to Soul Society. Unfortunately for Sou Taicho, Shirahime claims her position as fifth division taicho.)

06: Immortal Princess – MA Only

Pre DiamondDust Story (TBA) #07

DiamondDust Story (TBA) #08

09. After DiamondDust – literally after the DiamondDust movie

(Other events: Thorne adopts Daichi. He becomes third seat of the fifth division.)

10. Only Memories Remain (MA Only) – info coming soon

11. Fifth Division in the Red (a spoof) * (Part 1)

12. Red Gemini

13. Fifth Division in the Red (a spoof) * (Part 2)

(Other events: Shirahime becomes involved with Byakuya Kuchiki and distant to Kenpachi Zaraki. Mayuri Kurotsuchi creates Lafiel, and she wants to become the best aunt. Daichi’s zanpakuto Aoi Raiko takes physical form.)

14. Shiro Shattered – Aizen and Ichimaru attack the fifth division, leaving Shirahime fatally injured. Shiro saves her but leaves her possibly worse off. Yamamoto exiles Shirahime to the world of the living.

15. Shiro Sunset – As Shirahime recovers, Lafiel enacts a plan

16. The Zanpakuto Uprising Part 1: Inner Soul – After the “Shiro Shattered & Sunset” arc, Momo and Daichi are on their own to lead the fifth division. While the Shinigami of Soul Society face rebellious zanpakuto, Thorne Taicho must finally address the personal issues she’s ignored.

17. That “Talk” Again – Thorne family drama about a certain fact of life.

18. Valentine’s Day Off – The Shinigami get a day off and have a chance to attend to matters of the heart.

19. The Night Before – The night before “Soul of Shirahime,” Rangiku and crew have a plan that involves a certain Heaven’s Princess and taicho. [Toshiro/Shirahime; Mayuri/Shirahime; Daichi/Momo]

20. Soul of Shirahime – After Thorne Taicho is defeated at the hands of Aizen, she leaves her soul in an unlikely ally. Shirahime has changed Mayuri Kurotsuchi. *

Desolate (Original Version) – New version to follow after Soul of Shirahime & related stories arc

Within Your Heart AU – will be reworked into Desolate or post-Desolate

M Version only on FFN. MA Version available only on my website and AO3 profile


Shirayukihime no Tenjou, for purposes of Bleach: Cross translates to Snow White Princess of the Heavens. This is not an accurate Japanese translations. Japanese is not my second language, so there may be mistakes. However, I am keeping that as the translation.