Lafiel Urahara

Sometime before Shiro Shattered, Mayuri created Lafiel to act as the mod soul that could separate Shirahime’s human and shinigami selves (though Shirahime is technically a god by this time). This fails, but Shirahime asks Mayuri to make her into an enhanced artificial soul like Nemu.

Mayuri created her body to look like Shirahime, though Lafiel appears about five years younger.

Lafiel takes on her father’s last name and calls herself Shirahime’s younger twin sister.

By Shiro Shattered, she is the third seat of the second division.

She is fond of Shirahime’s children and can’t wait for Shirahime to have more children.

Lafiel’s Plans for Shirahime:

My sister has given me a great gift.  My niece, Yachiru, and my nephew, Daichi.  Oh yes, and Raiko, though we keep her a secret.  Now, if only sister would gift me some more kids.  Perhaps I should help that along . . .

Lafiel’s Introduction, That “Talk” Again