M vs MA Content: S08-1: Fifth Division in the Red I [MA]

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Chapter Six: A Reason to Kill Mayuri

The M Version omits the last two Kuchiki Mansion flashbacks.

In the first omitted scene, two servants walk in on Byakuya and Shirahime.  Amidst the action, Byakuya says he’ll show Shirahime how much better he is than Kenpachi Zaraki.  The servants hope Kenpachi Zaraki won’t show up anytime soon.

In the second omitted scene, the following morning, Shirahime thinks she spent the night with Yumichika, and she says last night was amazing.  Only to realize that she’s talking to Byakuya.  She can’t believe what happened and thinks he thought she was someone else.  Byakuya wakes up and speaks to her by name.  Shirahime thinks she’s dreaming as well, and challenges Byakuya to prove himself better (in bed) than Kenpachi.


Chapter Eight: What the Divisions Decided – Part 1

The first section of this chapter was modified to make it Rated M.  It tones down the language.  This version omits a certain level of detail from Sajin’s point of view on what happened between Byakuya and Shirahime thanks to the twelfth division’s pheromone incident (see chapter six).  In particular, it omits Sajin’s comments about Kisuke Urahara relieving Kurotsuchi of a “certain body part” – that is, if Kurotsuchi still has it.  Kurotsuchi does do some strange experiments after all.



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